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Fearless Man Swims With Alligators in the River and Feeds Them With His Bare Hands

This man seemed to have befriended these alligators well.


Alligators are typically feared animals due to their biting abilities and fierce nature. When we see them in rivers, we instantly sail away from them, thinking that they could attack us in the most unexpected moment. If that’s not enough, alligators always seem to be on the lookout for food, and with its wide jaws and big teeth, humans can definitely fill its hunger perfectly.

But we guess, not all people have the same typical notion. This air boat guide bravely dove into the river and surrounded himself with alligators. He was too close to the animals that it looked as if they were domestic animals that can never do harm. Furthermore, he fed them using his bare hands — no gloves, no sticks, no nothing. We think that he was so brave, but we can’t help but scream our “aaahs” and “ooohs” each time the alligator opens its mouth.

Watch the video here:

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17 Cheaters Who Totally Got PWNED Online By Their Savage Partners

These cheaters totally learned their lessons the hard way.

So, he’s cheated on you and what do you do? As lame as it sounds, victims of polygamous relationships are oftentimes guilty of stuffing their hips and thighs with excessive carbs and sugar, procrastinating with the chick-flick sentimental Titanic’s “I’ll never let go, Jack, I’ll never let go”, and admit it or not, still waiting for the real loser who cheated over someone with the words “I’m sorry and I want you back.”

THAT WAS THEN. Thanks to the oh-so-good spirit, women of today are best described to be as how Katy Perry would say it, WIDE AWAKE. Among the women who deserve a salute include these women who posted their rants and even exposed their cheating partners for everyone’s festivity. Mind you, cheaters out there, your partner might just serve you what you rightfully deserve!

#1. Cheating 101. Never, ever get caught off-guard. Unless you want to be the prey, then better stay vigilant with the predator.


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This Marine Corps Platoon Silent Drill Performance Has Got Jaws Dropping! Amazing!

And we think all they know is fire guns and battle in wars.

Being part of the marine, army or navy is a privilege and a sacrifice that deserves high respect. They are the bravest, strongest and most noble people we can ever meet. We know them for fighting during war and protecting citizens from harm. We look at them as stiff individuals who only break the lines when being commanded by their seniors. We always see them in a synchronized fashion, which we think is unbelievably amazing.

Another evidence of their limitless talent is the traditional exhibition drills performed by what is dubbed as the "Marching Twenty-Four". This group is composed of 24 members from the United States Marine Corps Silent Drill Platoon who perform silent drill routines to show the values that their agency imbibes - discipline and professionalism. Although it was only meant to be a one-time performance back in 1948, the public kept on clamoring for more and so it has become a tradition.

Watch their amazing showcase of precision, organization and attention to detail with this clip performed with the Blue Angels:

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Son Tells the Heartbreaking Story of His Mom’s Battle with Dementia in Photos

“This is what dementia looks like.”


A 31-year-old man gave the world a peek on how the early onset of dementia looks like in a series of photos he posted on Reddit. The heartbreaking story of his mom’s gradual deterioration since 2007 has quickly gained a lot of attention online.

Jake Heath from Sydney shared 11 photos of his 58-year-old mom Jaquie, who started showing symptoms of Pick’s disease 10 years ago. Initially Jaquie’s confusion and emotional changes were misdiagnosed as menopause and she was only diagnosed with dementia in 2007.

Most families struggle when a family member suffers from this brain disease and the Heath family is no different.

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