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Fearless Man Swims With Alligators in the River and Feeds Them With His Bare Hands





Alligators are typically feared animals due to their biting abilities and fierce nature. When we see them in rivers, we instantly sail away from them, thinking that they could attack us in the most unexpected moment. If that’s not enough, alligators always seem to be on the lookout for food, and with its wide jaws and big teeth, humans can definitely fill its hunger perfectly.

But we guess, not all people have the same typical notion. This air boat guide bravely dove into the river and surrounded himself with alligators. He was too close to the animals that it looked as if they were domestic animals that can never do harm. Furthermore, he fed them using his bare hands — no gloves, no sticks, no nothing. We think that he was so brave, but we can’t help but scream our “aaahs” and “ooohs” each time the alligator opens its mouth.

Watch the video here:

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