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A Dad And His Son Are On A Boring Road Trip. But When The Music Plays, OMG, Hilarious!





When you’re a teenager like the kid in this video, almost everything your dad does is cringeworthy. That’s why when we saw the strong connection between this father and son, we couldn’t resist to share it here..

It’s common for people on a road trip to kill time by singing along with the radio. These gorgeous guys are no different, after they finished up the Guns & Roses classic, “Welcome To The Jungle,” they sat patiently, waiting for the next tune.

When the new Taylor Swift hit “Shake It Off” played, it was a bit awkward at first. However, it only took a couple of seconds for them to fully launch into an epic lip-sync of the popular song. Watch the video to see this father-son moment, and share below!

Watch the viral video:

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