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Farmers Paint a Cow and Created a “Tiger King” Photoshoot




  • Tiger King is one of the hottest shows on Netflix right now.
  • Farmers wore blonde wigs and safari outfits to look like Joe Exotic.
  • The cow was painted with black stripes to look just like a tiger

Binge-ing on Netflix is one of the ways people survive the lockdown brought on by the coronavirus. Now everything on Netflix should be watchable, given that people will couch-potato for hours on end but definitely, Tiger King reigns supreme when it comes to the most binge-able show of the moment.

People love Tiger King so much they made tributes about the show. This one takes the cake, though as two farmers in Wisconsin had a photoshoot inspired by the show, complete with costumes AND a tiger – which is actually a cow painted on to look like a tiger.

Hey, they did a splendid job, really!
The farmers donned blonde wigs (complete with bangs) and outlandish safari-inspired outfits to look like tiger breeder Joe Exotic (real name Joseph Allen Maldonado-Passage).
The cow, meanwhile, was painted with tiger stripes to look like a big jungle cat.

People generally agree that they nailed the look, but they were hoping that the farmers used non-toxic paints on the clueless cow.

For those who still don’t know, Tiger King is a Netflix documentary series based on a true story that gives the inside story on the captivity of big cats in the U.S.
The seven-part story is about tiger breeder Joe Exotic and his enemy, Carole Baskin, who is a Florida-based animal activist and CEO of Big Cat Rescue.

People had no idea that the big cat community in the country is scandalous, which is why Tiger King became such a hit.

Also, the life of Joe Exotic gives so much drama to the story that audiences are just loving it. Viewers are fixated on Joe’s obsession with Carole, whom Joe attempted to have murdered with the help of a hitman. The FBI eventually managed to thwart Joe’s plan and saved Carole’s life.

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