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The Last Time This Family had a Girl was 200 Years Ago. Finally, This Little Angel was Born!





The Lawrie family has had plenty of children for five generations, yet all of these young ones were boys.

Did you know that the last time they had a girl was back in 1809, the year famous people such as Charles Darwin, Abraham Lincoln, and Edgar Allan Poe were born! Yep. That’s a long, long, long, long time ago!

So, when Mark married his sweetheart Hannah, he warned her to not wish for a girl because the family hasn’t had any luck in that department for over 200 years. Still, Hannah thought it would be quite nice to have a princess in the family, especially in one that hasn’t seen pink for too long.

The little princess with her older brothers

girls 1

Photo credit: Elite Daily

The marriage was blessed with 3 active little boys – as was expected, of course. Then, in 2012, something absolutely amazing happened. Hannah gave birth to a pretty little girl, breaking the 200-year spell! Imagine the entire family’s delight over this awesome news!

Mark and Hannah with their princess


Photo credit: Elite Daily
Mark and Hannah with the brood


Photo credit: Elite Daily

As was expected, Baby Myla was treated like a princess – and rightfully so! They threw fun parties, complete with pink stuff of course, for the little one. Even Hannah admitted she tends to overdo things when it comes to Myla; and the rest of the family seems to give this little girl an extra bit of attention.

Baby Myla


Photo credit: Elite Daily
Hannah and Myla


Photo credit: Elite Daily

This child’s not going to run out of dolls, cute stuffed toys, and pink dresses from Hannah and the rest of the excited Lawrie family…

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