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Video Explains What Those ‘Tiny Floating Things’ In Your Eyes Are

Turns out they’re called Muscae Volitantes!

Ever noticed those tiny worm-like specks floating in your eyes? Those ones that escape your sight when you try to follow them around? Well, I’m pretty sure we’ve all experienced that.

According to the video below, they actually have a name and they go by the scientific name Muscae Volitantes which literally mean “flying flies” in the Latin language.

Fret not, however, since contrary to their name, they are not real flies or any type of bug.

Commonly called as ‘floaters’ or ‘eye floaters,’ these stuff are made up of tissue, protein, or red blood cells that exist inside the eye balls. We see them whenever they cast shadows on the retina, usually when we’re staring on a bright background – such as a clear sky or a black computer screen.

Watch the TED video about eye floaters here:

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For the most part, these eye floaters are definitely nothing you should worry about but as the video above indicates, you should consider seeking immediate help from an eye expert should you experience “abnormally numerous or large floaters that interfere with your vision.” Such could be a sign of a serious eye problem.


Best Job Ever: Woman Hugs Baby Pandas and Gets Paid $32,000

I only have one question – where do I sign up?

The woman in the video below possibly has the coolest job in the world. What does she do for a living, you ask? Well, she works as a caretaker for baby pandas - and she has to hug them often.

Yes, there is such a job and the footage was taken at the China Giant Panda Protection and Research Center located in Ya’an, Sichuan Province.

According to the reports, the caretaker gets paid 200,000 yuan (or $32,000) per year. Other perks include free meals and accommodation along with SUV use....

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Fascinating 1960s Photos Show How Afghanistan Was Full of Life Before Taliban

The place really looked peaceful back in the days.

When you hear the word ‘Afghanistan,’ the last thing that will pop to mind would definitely be a laidback lifestyle. Nowadays, the republic has literally become a war zone mainly because of the Taliban, an Islamic fundamentalist political movement .

As it appears, however, things weren’t always dark and gloomy in the country. The vintage photos below show how the place was full of life back in the days. These images were taken in 1967 by Dr. Bill Podlich, a university professor from the United States who was assigned by UNESCO to work in Afghanistan for a couple of years. He captured a lot of interesting pictures at the time and now we couldn’t help but feel sad about how things turned around for the nation. It really looked peaceful back then.

#1 Young photographer At Paghman Gardens

afganistan before taliban 1...

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A 7-Point Guide To Drinking Coffee The Smarter Way

Did you know that your first cup of coffee should be at 10AM and never earlier? We thought so. Read on for more guidelines on the proper way to drink your coffee.

Are you one of those people who starts their day with a jolt of caffeine? There's a big chance that you're drinking coffee the wrong way.

Now, don't you fret. You're not alone, you know. We've been wired by media to drink coffee early in the morning even if it's incorrect.

To ensure that you start doing it right this time around, we culled a short guide for you coffee drinkers...

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