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Heatwave in Australia is So Extreme It is Melting Roads

And the country’s wildlife is also highly affected.

If the East Coast part of America has finally recovered from the record-breaking cold snap, Australia is facing an entirely different scenario. The country is currently suffering from deadly temperatures a hemisphere away. It seems to be a direct result of global warming, so to speak.

Just recently, large areas of the Oceanic continent experienced extremely dangerous high heat conditions. Wildfires caused by the hot dry winds, burned rapidly and went out of control. They brought terror in the State of New South Wales.

Asphalt roads in Australia are starting to melt due to extreme heat.

Source: Steph Harris

Official reports state that the Penrith suburb in Sydney achieved 47.3 degrees Celsius. This immediately made the hottest day on record for the said region. The findings were confirmed by none other than the Bureau of Meteorology in New South Wales.

The all-time record for the state was, unfortunately, only a bit hotter at around 47.8 degrees Celsius. This occurred sometime in 1939. As for the southwest part, Melbourne reached at least 40.1 degrees Celsius.

The extreme weather condition can especially be felt in New South Wales.

Source: Steph Harris

Source: Steph Harris
Photos of the gooey tar surfaced online after residents began sharing them.

Source: Steph Harris

The heat was so extreme that asphalt started melting in various sections. This happened in a major highway in the state of Victoria. People began to share the surprising images on social media sites.

It holds true that a large part of Australia is covered in arid desert. However, this weather, in particular, is so far from the normal fluctuations. In Melbourne and Adelaide, for instance: The normal temperatures for these coastal cities range from mid-to-high 20s in Celsius.

The freakish weather did not only affected roads, as it also brought horrors to the wildlife. An environmental charity reportedly documented a massive die-off of flying foxes somewhere in Campbelltown, New South Wales. There were also huge numbers of fruit-eating bats falling from trees, all of which ended up either dying or dead.

Check out the video below:

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Since 2000, Australia has managed to reach an alarming number of high-temperature records. The country has also seen a significant decrease in the frequency of cold weather spells. Unfortunately, in a data released by multiple agencies, the country will continue to experience such horrifying weather. It is even possible for the nation to reach a temperature as high as 50 degrees Celsius.

Keep in mind that the aforementioned temperature is just 10 degrees higher than the temperature at which human enzymes start to break down. These enzymes are basically proteins that make everything in the body happen again.

Here’s the video showing the melted asphalt roads.

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Nurses Squashing Newborn Baby’s Face Fired And Stripped Of Their License

The nurses thought it was funny to play around with a delicate baby and record it on video.

Handling babies with extra care should be common sense for health professionals. Not to mention the nurses who are in-charge of monitoring their condition from time to time. A group of Saudi nurses though seemingly forgot that babies are too fragile to be subjected to pranks so they decided to have some fun time with their poor patient as their props.

Some nurses working in Saudi recorded themselves joking around with a newborn baby whose face they violently squashed. The footage later circulated on social media and infuriated the infant’s parents, prompting them to take some legal actions.

These nurses probably think it's okay to toy with babies who can't complain anyway.

Source: youtube

According to reports, the baby was confined in a maternity hospital at Taif, Saudi Arabia as a result of a urinary tract infection. Nurses looking after the baby then grabbed the child by its neck and top of the head and squashed its face while laughing. ...

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‘Raw Water’ is 2018’s Latest Dangerous Health Trend

Experts are warning against this risky health craze.

Drinking water is really important for us to stay healthy. In fact, medical experts recommend that we take at least 8 glasses of water each day not only to maintain balance of bodily fluids but also to control calories, energize the muscles, and more.

Needless to say, we mean clean water when we talk about this things. Sure, common sense would instantly dictate that but apparently, not everyone subscribes to that idea.

The ‘raw water’ trend has recently surfaced and it’s truly crazy.

What is ‘raw water,’ you ask? Well it is exactly what it is – untreated, unfiltered water. ...

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16 Celebrity Doll Fails That Will Give You Nightmares

They are more like voodoo dolls, to be honest.

Dolls are not supposed to be terrible and scary, as they are made to be enjoyed by young kids. However, dolls that are supposed to like famous individuals are just the worse. And you can definitely say that whoever made them needs to be imprisoned!

We here at Elite Readers decided to compile a list of failed celebrity dolls. We bet you can get nightmares just by looking at them. Some are quite funny, though. Well, without further ado, here they are!

#1. This Harry Styles doll just gets scarier the longer you look at it.

Source: Imgur
#2. What a disgrace. Susan Boyle is definitely not happy with this one.


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