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Hate Working Out? There’s An “Exercise Pill” On Its Way…





Wouldn’t it be great to never have to work out again?

Exercise buffs would totally disagree, but some people would rather not have to exercise at all.

While all that sweaty over-exertion and muscle-burning activity serves to keep the perpetually active in a state of endorphin-loaded bliss, some individuals aren’t likely to roll out of bed when workout day comes along.

Ugh, exercise.

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The latter sort of people will be gratified to hear scientists are currently working on an “exercise pill” to allow them never to exercise ever again. But still get fit.

The University of Copenhagen in Denmark is right at this very moment developing a supplement that will recreate the thousands of molecular changes a body’s muscular skeleton undergoes when it exercises. The University’s research facility has isolated these physiological signals that result from regular vigorous physical activity, and have integrated the signals into an “exercise pill” that can replicate these effects.

Goodbye dumbbells…hello "exercise pills!"

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Photo credit: Yahoo Health

According to the University of Sydney’s School of Molecular Biocience research associate, Dr. Nolan Hoffman, who authored the study, the “exercise pill” incorporates a blueprint that mimics the effect of exercise.

Now the main purpose of the pill isn’t to give all haters of physical activity a break. The “exercise pill” is in development for people who need to exercise, but can’t, owing to a variety of health conditions, like cardiovascular disease, extreme obesity, Type 2 Diabetes, and even for elderly individuals who can benefit from more motion, but are unable to because of brittle bones.

So if you’re planning to get a lifetime’s supply of these pills so you never have to workout ever again, note that it isn’t going to turn couch potatoes into a Harley Pasternak or a Jillian Michaels overnight. Or even in a lifetime.

However, it will simulate the healthy effects exercise has on the body, and help even ill and near-comatose individuals live a better quality of life.

The “exercise pill” may still be a long way off before an actual product sees the light, though. But 10 years isn’t that long a wait, is it?

In the meantime, move that butt…

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Photo credit: China Daily

H/T: Quartz, China dot Org, and Yahoo Health

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