10 Embarrassing Photos of People Who Got Stuck in the Most Unlikely Places

No one probably wants to get caught in a compromising situation—literally. But if you ever find yourself under such circumstances, then you know how frustrating and embarrassing it feels.

Well, regardless of whether it was due to an unfortunate accident or bad karma, the men who are featured in the list below had found themselves trapped in very awkward moments. And to make matters worse, people managed to immortalize those unpleasant experiences by taking their pictures.

Here are ten totally humiliating photos of people who got stuck in the most absurd places.

#1. Stuck in a Portable Toilet

In May 2013, passers-by heard panicked shouting coming from a portable toilet on a building site in Claremont, Cape Town. Upon checking, they saw a man so deeply stuck in the bowl that only his legs, arms, and head were sticking out!

It took about 40 minutes for the authorities and some kind onlookers to figure out a way to get the unidentified man out. According to a blogger named Baydu Adams, while two or three men tried to get the guy out of his humiliating state, others nonchalantly took pictures of him.

Observers said the man didn’t appear to be homeless; he had an iPhone or an iPod with him. They do, however, thought he was high on drugs.

Eventually, the authorities were able to yank the half-naked man out using garbage bags.

According to Baydu, the unidentified fellow had to use his T-shirt to cover his privates.

According to Baydu, the unidentified fellow had to use his T-shirt to cover his privates.

“You can only imagine what this guy was covered in,” he said.

“Heaven knows how he got into that position and why.”

#2. Prankster gets stuck in a traffic bollard.

A prankster got himself stuck in a traffic bollard for two hours In Hemel Hempstead, England. According to a report, the man only wanted to “liven up a dull afternoon” so he wriggled into the bollard. However, he couldn’t get himself out.

He miserably walked through the town center as people teased him. After a couple of hours, someone finally took pity on him and decided to call 999 for help.

#3. Burglar gets stuck in the shaft for 12 hours.

Source: AP

In 2007, 25-year-old Jeffery W. Mumani tried to rob the CVS store at 7563 S.E. Maricamp Road, Ocala, Florida. However, he got himself stuck in the shaft for 12 grueling hours instead.

Lt. Victor Jones said Mumani stacked pallets and climbed up a square gutter pipe to the roof. He then yanked open a ventilator fan and climbed into the opening using a rope. But the 5-foot-5 tall man fell 15-16 feet and got wedged in the narrow, metal shaft. With his hands above his head and his feet jammed in the sharp openings to smaller side pipes, he was trapped. Marion County Fire Rescue Lt. Lonnie Blackburn said, “It was almost like he cuffed his feet.”

The man started calling for help the next day. “Please get me out. I’m ready to go to jail, just get me out,” the burglar yelled.

The authorities managed to get him out. But the suspect denied that he was trying to steal prescription drugs.

“I heard a cat in the thing. I was trying to chase the cat,” he said.

Mumani, who was charged with commercial burglary, possession of burglary tools, and felony criminal mischief, only suffered severe scratches on his bare legs.

#4. Jailbreak Fail: Prisoner gets stuck in wall.

Source: Supplied

A Brazilian detainee who attempted to escape miserably failed when he got stuck in the hole that he and his accomplice had created.

The inmates used a metal pipe from a shower to smash a hole through a concrete wall. His partner, who was apparently smaller, went in first and was able to escape. This convict, however, was stockier so he got wedged in between the wall.

Source: Supplied

Other prisoners frantically tried to push him out so they could escape too, but the unnamed man just blocked the opening.

Eventually, the fellow started to scream in pain; thus, alerting the jail guards in the process.

The guards had to call firefighters for help.

Lieutenant Tiago Costa of the local fire brigade said, “He has a very large physique and is also very tall.”

They had to use a sledgehammer to help free the convict from the wall.

#5. Student gets stuck in chair after pretending to be Anakin Skywalker.

Source: smthop

In 2005, Jimmy Skufka from Turtleville, Oklahoma allegedly prodded his head through the hole in the backrest of a chair and wore the furniture like a body shield. Pretending to be Anakin Skywalker trying to fight Boba Fett, the fourth-grade student wildly waved his legs “like a battery of 4 light sabers.”

But when study hall ended, the imaginative boy realized that he was hopelessly jammed in the chair. Firefighters from the Turtleville Emergency Squad had to help. They used bolt cutters and hacksaws to get the unharmed yet traumatized boy free.

Principal Johnny Skinner said, “It happens like clockwork every time a new Star Wars film is released.”

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