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Elon Musk Reveals Plan to Nuke Mars to Make it Habitable for Humans

Elon Musk seriously proposed that we should nuke Mars.

Ann Moises





Scientists have been studying the atmosphere in Mars and have been formulating plans to make the planet inhabitable. Why? Do we have to live somewhere else because the world is getting too crowded? Will an asteroid collide with Earth and instantly kill us all?

Stephen Hawking, one of the world’s leading theoretical physicist, told ABC news that the planet Earth will be facing imminent destruction in the next 1,000 or 10,000 years. The cosmologist suggests that by then, we should have moved out into space, into other planets or stars to avoid total annihilation.

“This is not a prophesy of doom, but a wake-up call,” he said. “There is a possibility that the human race could go extinct, but it is not inevitable,” Hawking added.

But, before they start worrying about the specifics like how they’d transport the entire world’s population to the red planet, they do have to figure out a way to make it habitable. For one, scientists have thought of injecting synthetic greenhouse gases into its thin atmosphere to force global warming in the cold planet.

Recently, Elon Musk, the CEO and founder of Tesla Motors and SpaceX, who was also dubbed as the real-life Tony Stark (without the iron suit), shared his idea on how to quickly solve the problem.


Photo credit: Lily Lawrence/ Getty

On The Late Show with Stephen Colbert last September 9, the technology magnate seriously said that we should bomb the planet’s poles with thermonuclear weapons to trigger a rapid shift in its climate. This, he said, is quicker than releasing large volumes of greenhouse gases to achieve the same result.


Photo credit: Mirror

It’s not exactly what a superhero would suggest. Colbert even said he was more a supervillain than a superhero because of what he said. But does he have a point?


Stephen Hawking said that the majority of the threats we face resulted from the progress we have made in science and technology. Global warming, nuclear war, and genetically engineered viruses threaten our survival. If they do succeed in making life on Mars bearable, what makes us so sure that the people won’t do in Mars what they did to this planet?

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This Massive Air Filter Not Only Cleans Air – It Also Turns Smog To Jewelry!

This 23-feet filter not only makes air breathable – it also turns smog into jewelry.

Mark Andrew



Author Amit Abraham once said “Love is in the air but the air is highly polluted.”

Although obviously spoken in jest, the sad fact is that statement contains so much truth. The quality of the air we breathe right now is absolutely worse compared with what we used to enjoy about, say, a decade ago.

What’s even more disturbing is that recent researches continue to affirm that. For example, the UC Berkeley released a shocking statistic that says smogs claim around 4,000 lives in China every day. .

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Man Creates Homemade Helicopter Out of 54 Drones – And It’s So Awesome!

YouTube channel gasturbine101 just uploaded a video of a huge man-carrying drone – and it looks very awesome!

Mark Andrew



Drones are all the rage these days. It’s become one of the favorite hobbies of many because it’s actually fun to fly those things around. They kind of give you a shot at fulfilling your childhood fantasies of being a pilot.

On top of that, drones can be perfect for taking fantastic photos and videos as well. Other times, they may even be used to do good deeds – such as delivering burgers for the homeless, for example.

Well this guy just took the drone’s cool factor to a whole new level.

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Virgin Guy Who Lost His Manhood at the Age of Six Gets an 8-Inch Bionic Replacement

“Some girls might want to try it out.”

Mini Malabanan



A 43-year-old virgin from Edinburgh, Scotland has been fitted an 8-inch manhood grafted from his arm which inflates when he presses a button connected to his testicles.

When Mohammed Abad was only 6 years old, he was pushed into the road and fell under a moving vehicle. Unfortunately, his body was dragged for 600 yards, causing serious injuries to his thighs and genitals. His manhood, as well as his left testicle, were completely destroyed as a result of the accident. Although he couldn’t see or feel anything, Mohammed thinks that part of his right testicle was saved.

Meet Mohammed Abad, a 43-year-old virgin who lost his manhood at the age of 6.


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