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Ellen DeGeneres Inserts Herself Into Matthew McConaughey’s Weird Commercial. Hilarious!





Matthew McConaughey starred in a new Lincoln Commercial that raised a lot of eyebrows across the US in the past week. There have been numerous parodies of this commercial and below we’ve got two of our favorite ones.

In the first video parody, Ellen inserted herself into the back seat of the car, and with her in there, this commercial makes a lot more sense. Those brownies are magical. I wonder how many brownies Matthew must have eaten before this was filmed? 🙂

Watch Ellen’s Parody:

In the second video, Saturday Night Live has a different take on this commercial, staring Jim Carrey, and I was laughing out loud while watching this one! Watch as Jim Carrey ponders the important questions in life and takes Allstate spokesman Dennis Haysbert (Kenan Thompson) for a ride in a new set of commercials.

Watch Jim Carrey’s Parody:

And seriously, what’s between his fingers?

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