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This Eagle-Eyed Lifeguard Spotted Something in the Pool Most People Wouldn’t See

Just like superheroes, lifeguards are indeed capable of saving lives.

Mini Malabanan





After watching this viral video, I am now completely convinced that lifeguards are capable of seeing what others don’t normally see. Just like superheroes, lifeguards are indeed capable of saving lives.

Although it may seem that a lifeguard’s job is quite easy, these people must remain alert and keep a watchful eye on every swimmer all the time. It is certainly a tough job since a few seconds of neglect may result into tragedy.

In a video found by The Daily Mail, an eagle-eyed lifeguard was able to easily detect a child in trouble amidst the crowded wavepool. Apparently, the little boy fell out of his inflatable and started struggling on water. None of the swimmers saw the situation, but the lifeguard’s keen eye enabled her to rescue the child from the disaster awaiting him. Within seconds, she was able to jump into the pool and rescue the little boy.


Although the location where the footage was filmed is still unknown, many believe the incident happened in the US.

I found it nearly impossible to spot who’s having trouble in the pool when I saw the video for the first time. You may need to play it back to see what the hero lifeguard saw.

See the incredible rescue of the drowning boy below.

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The World Health Organization revealed that drowning is the third leading cause of unintentional injury deaths all over the world. According to statistics, men and children are at  the most risk of drowning.

Source: Mirror UK


Police Officer Who Had to Tell a Teen that His Parents Died, Shows Up at His Graduation.

Cop who had to tell a teen that his parents were killed in a crash attends his graduation.

Jessa Ventures



Losing a loved one is already hard, all the more if they happen to be two of the most important people in your life. The same thing happened to 18-year-old Kazzie when his parents died in a crash, days before his graduation day.

The couple Riley and Emily Portie were riding their motorcycle when they were hit and killed by a drunk driver in Orange, Texas on May 24. One of the first responders at the scene of the crash was Police Officer Eric Ellison of the Orange Police Department. Ellison was also tasked to deliver the bad news to the victims' family. When he arrived at the house, it was their youngest son Kazzie who was home alone and was the first one to find out about the terrible news involving his parents.

A photo of once a happy and complete family.


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Desperate Man ‘Roasts’ Himself Alive to Kill Deadly Cancer Cells

Life is beautiful that is why we do not want it to fade too soon.

Inah Garcia



When an individual is stricken with a fatal disease, the entire universe seems to collapse right before one's eyes. Life is short and it is inevitable to die but just the thought of it makes one wants to cringe as no one's ever gonna be ready to go, particularly if one receives the news of their nearing death through a terminal medical disease.

Jia Binhui, 25, was diagnosed with leukemia in 2013. He underwent a bone marrow operation transplant costing $80,000, which was paid through donors, but it was unsuccessful; now, he needs to undergo further treatments but cannot afford to pay anymore. So, he tried this unconventional method of "removing" the cancer cells in his blood.

Jia then gathered different types of dust, twigs and branches and burned them until it created a fire.


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This is One of the Most Haunted and Sinister Islands on Earth and One Man Wants to Live Here.

It’s located on an uninhabited island off the treacherous coast of France and has a reputation for sending people mad.




This isolated lighthouse called Tevennec, which stands on an uninhabited island in the coast of France, has been known to make its past occupants mad. So why is this man willing to spend 60 days living here?

Marc Pointud is the founder of the National Society for Heritage, Lighthouses, and Beacons, which aims to preserve the lost lighthouses in the country. He plans to live in the lighthouse for around two months, all by himself. Now this lighthouse has become infamous because of the stories about former lightkeepers losing their minds during their stay. It is also plagued with ghost stories and tales of mysterious deaths.

Tevennec has been around since 1875 and legend says that the first guard went completely insane.


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