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Parents Got Married at Son’s Bedside to Fulfill His Dying Wish.





Wedding ceremonies are supposed to be merry but this is one of those that leaves a lump in your throat–a story so heartbreaking.

Craig and Jemma Edwards have been devoted parents to their three children Corey, Isabelle and Caitlin. For some reasons though, they chose not to get married yet. Apparently, their eldest son Corey has been the key to the couple’s ‘happily ever after.’ It could have stayed that way forever but their happiness was only short-lived.

Corey was only seven-month-old when he was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect. He spent most of his life in Bristol Royal Hospital for Children and went through eight traumatic open heart surgeries to save his life. Sadly, his condition worsened and his parents were told that he might only have days to live.

Corey had only one final wish–for his parents to get married. Despite the circumstances, Craig and Jemma did everything to make their son happy. They planned the wedding ceremony as quickly as they could and made it happen for their beloved son.

The Edwards family photo during the wedding day.


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Everything was set up in 48 hours. The Bishop of Bristol wrote to the Archbishop of Canterbury to get a special permission for the couple to marry at the hospital. Luckily, the Archbishop agreed. Even the staff at Bristol Children’s Hospital went out of their way to help make the event successful.

‘We rushed into town to buy a dress and suit and made do with our engagement rings as wedding rings,’ Craig said.


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Craig told iTV:

‘Corey was very proud. He looked very handsome. I think he really enjoyed it, which was the main thing.’

Corey was the ring bearer, of course. Here’s a photo of him holding his parents’ wedding rings.


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It wasn’t only a special day for the couple but Corey’s as well.


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Reverend Stephen Oram described the day as ’emotional.’


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‘The most important thing for us was having our son Corey at our side, holding the rings and wearing his suit.’– Craig


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The newlyweds spent their wedding night at their son’s bedside and later on returned home. Five days after their wedding and granting Corey’s wish, the young boy died.

Watch the heart-wrenching video:

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Such a sad story. Nonetheless, the couple must be very happy to fulfill their son’s wish and I bet Corey too, smiling and watching over them from heaven.

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