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A Dog Went to the Cemetery! When They Found Out WHY! They Were Amazed and Touched!

If this story doesn’t prove that dogs have feelings just like humans do, I don’t think anything will.

There are some people who believe that dogs are not capable of loving. The concept of dog’s love to human and other dogs are still debatable until now. Skeptics would assert that it will be impossible for the dogs to love because they simply are not human. They have instincts but they can’t reason out at all. Nonetheless, I still believe that dogs can love. It might not be the same as human love, but I believe they have feelings and affections, especially towards their masters. As I have observed it, dogs are really nice to those who are also nice to them. Is it love or instinct? For dog owners, I am sure they believe that dogs truly love people. And their experience with dogs will tell them that dogs also manifest love to other dogs especially, to their puppies.

One story of a dog which was caught on camera can be a concrete proof that they are capable of loving just like humans. Though no one can tell if this dog really knew what she was feeling or thinking, her actions spoke the true meaning of love and care. And you can tell by the look of her eyes that she was hurting by the loss of her puppy.

If you are still in doubt, watch the video and see how the dog behaves when she found out that her puppy died.  Honestly, I also empathized with the dog’s grieving.

Watch the Amazing Video:

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I hope the video will somehow change your perspective about dogs.  They also have feelings and like humans they want to love and be loved!  Please share so that others will know.


This Poor Kid Badly Wanted Another Boy’s New Shoes. What He Did? He Instantly Regret It.

He will regret that decision for the rest of his life!


Are there moments in your life when you look at your neighbor’s new car or LED TV, you dream of having the same things too or wish to be like them, wealthy and living a luxurious life? Or you desire to be someone like your office mate who has just been promoted? Guilty? Me too! In fact, there are times that I would do everything that I can, which include destroying relationships that ought to matter to me, just to be like someone .

We definitely live in a world where there are a lot of differences, may it be skills and talents or material things. And it is quite inevitable not to become envious with someone who has more than what you have. We are fond of comparing ourselves to others. That is normal especially nowadays where social media becomes very prevalent. You can easily find out your friend’s new house, gadgets, and what they have become. Somehow, you feel jealous about it. I guess, there is nothing wrong if you feel that way. Just be yourself and believe in yourself. Have faith and live a happy life, imperfect as it may be. No matter what we do, we will never be satisfied with what we have and we will always crave for more. But up to what extent are you willing to go to get what you want?

Watch the thought-provoking video:

Don't make similar mistakes. Please share this powerful message to your family and friends!...

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When He Saw a Boy Being Bullied, The Next Day, He Did This… PRICELESS!

Little gestures can make a huge difference…

Bullying… an aggressive behavior used to intimidate or abuse others. This behavior is done habitually and repeatedly through coercion, threats, physical assault, or verbal harassment to assert domination over another.

Individuals who take part in bullying convey a manifestation of real or perceived imbalance of physical or social power. Most bullying incidents happen in schools where kids spread rumors or attack others verbally or physically or exclude someone from the group due to differences in race, social class, gender, religion, appearance, sexual orientation, reputation, personality, body language, ability or size.

This behavior is shown in different contexts and may result to positive or negative effects. Apparently, you may take part in bullying others, witness others being bullied or experience bullying in many different ways.

In this video, a young school boy was repeatedly being bullied by a group of boys because of the color of his hair. One kid saw how the bullies teased the young boy so he did a simple thing to stop them....

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She Couldn’t Afford To Buy Her Son a Cake. Then a Stranger Did the Unexpected…

What an INSPIRING Story! Grab some tissues…


In the midst of all these miseries and anguishes around us, what we need are good people who have the big heart and courage to make a big difference. We don’t need to become famous and rich in order to make the initial step. Small act of kindness will do like giving someone a free ride, sharing your extra food to others and extending your help to those in need.

Just like this inspiring video. A grandma cannot afford to buy the special cake that her granddaughter wished to have. But a stranger, who just happened to be on the same store, unexpectedly bought the cake for her. But that's not the only astonishing and inspiring part of the story.

Watch the full story and find out how it ends.

I might sound ridiculous and a little bit corny talking about these things. But in reality, these simple acts of kindness are what we need right now. Let us not wait for the spoils of rich people who only care about how they can live their lives extravagantly; Or for politicians, whom we have elected by the way, to extend a hand to those who really need their support and help, they are busy fattening their wallets from people’s money of course. We live in a very unfair world. And whether you like it or not, there will be predicaments around us. These things will never go away. We just have to embrace and face them with the help of our family, friends and even strangers....

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