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A Dog Went to the Cemetery! When They Found Out WHY! They Were Amazed and Touched!





There are some people who believe that dogs are not capable of loving. The concept of dog’s love to human and other dogs are still debatable until now. Skeptics would assert that it will be impossible for the dogs to love because they simply are not human. They have instincts but they can’t reason out at all. Nonetheless, I still believe that dogs can love. It might not be the same as human love, but I believe they have feelings and affections, especially towards their masters. As I have observed it, dogs are really nice to those who are also nice to them. Is it love or instinct? For dog owners, I am sure they believe that dogs truly love people. And their experience with dogs will tell them that dogs also manifest love to other dogs especially, to their puppies.

One story of a dog which was caught on camera can be a concrete proof that they are capable of loving just like humans. Though no one can tell if this dog really knew what she was feeling or thinking, her actions spoke the true meaning of love and care. And you can tell by the look of her eyes that she was hurting by the loss of her puppy.

If you are still in doubt, watch the video and see how the dog behaves when she found out that her puppy died.  Honestly, I also empathized with the dog’s grieving.

Watch the Amazing Video:

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I hope the video will somehow change your perspective about dogs.  They also have feelings and like humans they want to love and be loved!  Please share so that others will know.

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