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Dog Trapped in Barn Grows a Massive 35 Pounds of Fur

Groomers rescued the dog from discomfort and pain.






When the rescuers arrived at the barn, they had to shovel piles of dirt and feces scattered around.

Lazarus’ owner was terminally ill and he was forced to live out in the barn for a very long time, getting cooped up in dirt and feces. Eventually, the owner had to call for help to rescue the poor dog.

They also had to shave 35 pounds of fur off poor Lazarus.

“From the looks of the dog and the door it looked like it had been a while,” says one of the groomers. Lazarus, who is a Great Pyrenees, is around 6 to 7 years old and they estimated that he lived in that barn majority of his life.

Seeing how the massive amount of fur obscured Lazarus’ entire body, the groomers and rescuers went to work immediately.


As expected, Lazarus was acting uncertain during the beginning of the grooming session. After all, he has never experienced grooming before. Eventually, he got comfortable especially when the burden of the heavy fur was taken off his body.


Lazarus was taken to Big Fluffy Dog Rescue, a non-profit center.


He was transferred to a foster home in Virginia and will stay there until the rescuers decide that the dog is ready to be adopted and introduced into a new home.


Watch here to see Lazarus adjusting his gait after his heavy fur was shaved off his body.

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Adorable 5-Year-Old Explains Why She Won’t Eat Animals in Viral Video

This adorable little girl decided she won’t eat animals anymore. Read on to find out why.




The innocence of children in this modern, fast-paced world we live in can become a breath of fresh air. They are able to see the world in ways that might surprise us adults. As grownups, we no longer see purity in this cruel world after years of downfalls and bad experiences that stripped the innocence away.

Five-year-old girl Zada made her mother realize this when she adamantly decided never to eat animals ever again after finding out where her favorite meal comes from.

At the time, Zada was asking her mother what the word “vegetarian” meant. After finding out that the meat she loves to eat comes from animals, she declared that she will never eat animals ever again.

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Humble Librarian Bequeathed His Entire Fortune To The School Where He Worked.

Former cataloguer leaves $4million estate to the university where he worked for nearly 5 decades.

Jessa Ventures



Robert Morin, an alumnus and librarian at the University of New Hampshire lived a quiet, simple and non-extravagant life. He rarely went out on fancy dinners and would spend his free time reading books and watching videos. Morin was a cataloguer at Diamond library for almost 50 years before resigning in 2014.

According to UNH news release, Morin had read every book published in the U.S. from 1930 and 1940 in chronological order except children's books, textbooks and other exemptions. Before his passing, he was able to read a total of 1938 books and watched 22,000 videos from 1979 to 1997.

He may have perished but his memory and legacy lives on.


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Guy Who Helps Pregnant Young Mom Calm Crying Son On Plane Gets Lots of Internet Love

You can find good Samaritans in the unlikeliest of places.

Dondi Tiples



It’s tough traveling with kids. It’s even more difficult if you’re alone. And pregnant, on top of it all.

The stress of handling kids on a flight is compounded by fellow passengers. Some travelers prefer total quiet and won’t tolerate hyperactive or crying children. Add that to managing bags and toys, snacks and diaper changes, even singing songs and reciting nursery rhymes to very young kids.

The perils of having kids on a plane.


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