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Dog Walks Into A Grocery Store, Grabs A Bone And Simply Walked Out





Watch closely this surveillance video that caught this particular canine walking inside a busy grocery store all by itself on Christmas day and what the dog did afterwards had the whole staff laughing. The daring pup knew what he was after. He walked straight to the dog food section, picked a rawhide bone worth $2.79, and casually walked out.

According to a local news station, the culprit was identified as the 11 year old husky named Akira. His owner said, the dog often leave their house just to wander off. What’s amazing about this story is that, Akira lives almost 6 miles away from the grocery store. When he took the bone from the grocery store, he traveled almost 12 miles back and forth.

Watch The Amazing Video:

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The dog, along with his owners, returned to the grocery store in order to pay for the bone that he stole. Let us know in the comments below if you have any similar experience!

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