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They Thought This ‘Monster’ Was A Hopeless Case. A Month Later? I Love This!





Most dogs, especially those under a commercial dog breeding facility or a “Puppy Mill” that offers substandard care, usually experience cruelty. In effect, they are scared of being with people and they have a hard time readjusting to the life outside. They develop monster-like behavioral problems due to isolation, which is a common case for dogs that are rescued from puppy mills. Most of these dogs remain without a home for several years, often times they ended up euthanized because nobody is interested in adopting a damaged dog. They are often considered as hopeless cases and most people think they can no longer be saved.

However, the following video will show you that there are still “heroes” out there who are committed to help out these poor animals. They help animals recover by providing them with proper care and training needed to get them back on track and live normal lives again.

Coconut is one of those dogs who got stuck in a puppy mill all through out her life. She never knew what love is until she was rescued by ASPCA. They almost gave up on her but she proved everybody wrong after her amazing recovery in just 3 weeks. She was able to pass all the tests about basic techniques, people skills and was ready for adoption.

Watch her astounding transformation:

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Coconut is now happily living with her forever family. She’s a perfect proof that there’s no such thing as a hopeless dog.

Credits: ASPCA, Little Things

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