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Doctors Perform Emergency C-Section But Couldn’t Find Her Baby





A young mother who had gone into labor early was given an emergency C-section, but doctors couldn’t find a trace of her baby after they had cut her open!

Amber Hughes, 21, of Leicester, UK felt her water break when her fourth baby, Olly, decided to say hello early at just 30 weeks.

Rushed to the hospital, she was puzzled when the doctors at the Leicester Royal Infirmary decided to perform an emergency C-section, then was horrified when they announced there was no baby inside her.

The case of the missing baby…

020416 lost baby 1

Source: Amber Hughes

The phenomenon of the missing baby baffled the medical professionals no end, and Amber saw panic on their faces.

Two minutes later, Olly started crying, and only after rummaging around Amber did they discover him in the sheets where he had been delivered naturally at the same time the decision was made to cut Amber open.

Amber said the doctors didn’t even apologize for their mistake in performing the unnecessary C-section. She was merely told the baby had began his final descent down her birth canal as they were making the incision.


020416 lost baby 5

Source: Amber Hughes

Both Amber and her partner, Daniel, 25, who was by her side throughout the labor and delivery, were put through the torment of thinking the doctors at the delivery room had lost their child.

Amber, Daniel and baby Olly

020416 lost baby 3

Source: Amber Hughes

Amber still cannot believe the doctors misplaced her baby for two whole minutes, and is still trying to get answers. She is currently in the middle of lodging her complaints, and says she is traumatized after her ordeal. She has a surgical scar she didn’t need in the first place, and she is still recovering from the pointless operation.

The unwarranted C-section scar across Amber’s abdomen…

020416 lost baby 6

Source: Amber Hughes

Thankfully Olly, is alive and healthy despite being born early, and has joined his older siblings, Kayden, 6, Harvey, 4 and Jessica, 2 at home.

The Hughes family

020416 lost baby 2

Source: Amber Huges

Are doctors too harried these days they cannot perform a simple delivery properly?

H/T: Daily Mail

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