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This Guy Spoiled His Dog With This Awesome DIY Project! Wow, this is really COOL and SPECIAL!





When dogs get older, they need the best care they could get to keep themselves healthy as they struggle with fatigue, arthritis and other health problems.

One man made something special for his old Labrador retriever that was feeling hot and tired during a hot summer day. His 13-year old dog was digging up flower beds to find a cool place to stay. So, he thought about building her a well-ventilated dog bed using materials he found around the house.

He made an incredible air-conditioned bed for his old dog out of frozen water bottles, PVC pipe and fans. His amazing invention provided his dog cool air by about 10 degrees making the dog feel comfortable while he lies on the comfy makeshift bed. The DIY dog bed project was posted on Reddit where other netizens were able to share their ideas on how to make the invention more comfy and efficient.

Elder dogs that reach their golden years need hydration and cooler place to stay during hot days. If you find it difficult to make your dog a DIY air-conditioned bed, you may opt for a kiddie pool. Get a garden hose, fill in the pool with water and let your old dogs splash around it. Always see to it that your pets have unlimited access to cool shade and fresh water. Also, try to limit their exercise during a very hot weather.

Here’s how JadaNeedsaDoogie on Reddit created an air-conditioned dog bed.

He built a makeshift bed frame using 1×6 wooden boards. He made four holes on the board to fit a 4” PVC which will be used as air inlet.


Photo credit: Reddit
Then he placed fans to the frame. Run them using an old computer power supply.


Photo credit: Reddit
Here is the view of the wooden bed frame including the cooling duct, fans and power supply in place.

bed frame

Photo credit: imgur
To make a cooling duct, he wrapped the corner of the bed frame with a T fitting.

cooling duct

Photo credit: imgur

Because his dog weighs over 100 pounds, it had to be stretched tightly over the frame.

The red material pictured is mesh plant fabric that he got from a local home improvement store. It is stretched tightly on the frame to fit a dog weighing over 100 pounds.


Photo credit: imgur
Then, he remove the covers of the T-fit air ducts and placed some frozen water bottles inside it.


Photo credit: imgur
He said, “The fans will take the air along the port with slots then the frozen water bottles will make the air cool.”


Photo credit: imgur
Here’s one happy and comfortable old dog enjoying the simple yet cool finished product.

finish product

Photo credit: imgur

Credits: imgur

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