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Simple Home Remedy to Get Rid of Blackheads





Having a clear, radiant, fresh-looking face boosts one’s self-esteem and makes a person look more appealing. Unfortunately, hormones, pollution, and even our genetic make-up contribute to the development of acne and those stubborn comedones, i.e. white and blackheads.

Soaps and creams may help reduce the problem; it’s just a matter of finding the right product that’s suitable for your skin type. Some products are effective in decreasing or eliminating pimples, but those unattractive comedones, especially the blackheads, may persist.

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Facial treatments can eliminate comedones because aestheticians know how to extract those papules out of your face appropriately, but you have to shed some cash and squeeze an appointment to your busy schedule every now and then. Moreover, the process is quite painful.


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For those of you, who don’t have the time and the luxury of spending much on continuous treatments, don’t lose hope. Try this very simple, pain-free, home remedy to help remove comedones first. All you need is to prepare some sea salt, a lemon, and water.


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