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Mom Discovers A Disturbing Picture Hidden In Her Daughter’s Toy





A Dayton mother is utterly upset after she purchased a “princess wand” for her daughter at a local dollar store only to find a very disturbing image on the toy. Nicole Allen was hoping to make her daughter smile with a new toy. However, this toy had the opposite effect. It’s called an “Evil Stick,” and is supposed to play music and invoke happy thoughts. The packaging, covered in brightly colored swirls and a fairy, doesn’t indicate what’s being hidden. When Nicole peeled back the foil on this wand-like item, she was in for a real surprise. There was no fairy or unicorn. Instead, there was a disturbing image of a young girl hurting herself.

Amar Moustafa, the owner of the dollar store where Allen bought the toy, told a local news anchor that the toy is called an “evil stick” and Allen should have been paying more attention to what she was buying. Moustafa said “The name on it says “Evil Stick”, so from the name, if I’m buying it for my kid, and I have a lot of kids, and I have young ones, I would inspect it before I give it to them.” He goes on to say that while he wouldn’t buy the toy for a young child or toddler he thinks it’s okay for older kids, stating “For a five, six, seven, 10-year-old, I mean they see that on TV everyday.” When asked if he’ll pull the wand from his store’s shelves he says he’ll consider it if he gets more complaints.

Watch the Shocking Video:

While the toy is bizarre at least Allen made the discovery before her daughter could have and if movies have taught us anything, she should burn that devil toy and throw it in the ocean.

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