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These Two Stunning Female Cosplayers Got Married. Their Wedding Looks Like A Fairytale!





It’s always amazing and heartwarming when love wins. In Denmark, love definitely won with the recent wedding of two superheroes – Supergirl and Powergirl.

Well sure, we are not really talking about the fictional comic book characters here but about two beautiful female cosplayers namely Carina and Surine. The real-life couple decided to tie the knot and ever since the world heard about their story, they’ve been “on the receiving end of so many happy wishes (and Taylor Swift jokes.)”

Their wedding photos went viral and many netizens are just happy for the adorable couple.

“It makes me very happy to see so much acceptance,” Surine shared on social media.

In a Facebook post, Surine wrote:

“It makes me very happy to see so much acceptance and interest in the comment sections – so have this wonderful shot from the church taken by Photofolio. Lots of symbolism here. I think it’s time in this day and age to just let love be love. #loveislove”

Carina and Surine are popular for their Supergirl and Powergirl cosplay.

Their engagement happened in the magical place of Disneyland.

Now here’s how they look like without their costumes on.

The couple have cosplayed everything from Harry Potter characters…

… to DC superheroes!

They’ve also dressed up as Neon Genesis Evangelion.

As Sailor Moon characters, too!

Now go check out the rest of their wedding photos on the next page!

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