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Artist Turns People’s Darkest Fears Into Comics





Every one of us have at least one irrational fear that we find too embarrassing and ridiculous to share with anyone else. We’re not talking about normal phobias such as fear of heights or spiders. What I mean is the really scary, gruesome ones that doesn’t make sense even to yourself.

Maybe this is the reason why it’s amusing to see other people’s fear portrayed in these witty comics by Fran Krause, the illustrator behind Deep Dark Fears. The project, which begins with Krause’s own phobias, now contains hundreds of illustrations about the craziest and darkest fears that readers sent him. If you’re brave enough, you can submit one yourself!

#1 Mirror Near Your Bed

It may be sexy to have a mirror near your bed, but what if you’re alone? What if you look into the mirror and see something that shouldn’t be there.

Photo credit: Fran Krause

#2 Ice Skating Accident

Ice skating is surely fun and exciting but be extremely careful!

Photo credit: Fran Krause

#3 Winters In New York City

This is probably the reason why during winter, some people walked around Brooklyn like freaks.

Photo credit: Fran Krause

#4 Pee At Night

After reading this one, you’ll no longer want to take a pee in the middle of the night!

Photo credit: Fran Krause

#5 Pooping Nightmares

Omg, what if this actually happens in real life!

Photo credit: Fran Krause

#6 Bite Off Your Own Tongue

What if you had this kind of a bad day and it’s only getting worse.

Photo credit: Fran Krause

#7 You’re Already Dead

This could be possible. Just the thought of it is pretty depressing.

Photo credit: Fran Krause

#8 Remember what happened to Mary?

Sometimes you terrify kids even if you didn’t mean it.

Photo credit: Fran Krause

#9 Everything is Imagination

Being a dog is nice, it would be worst to wake up as a very sad human.

Photo credit: Fran Krause

#10 Nightmare or Death?

If you seriously think about this one, you could actually end up in an asylum.

Photo credit: Fran Krause

#11 Jesus Lives in your Heart

What a cruel thing to tell a kid.

Photo credit: Fran Krause

#12 Senses Still Working

Can you even imagine how it would feel?

Photo credit: Fran Krause

#13 Poor child!

That’s one sure way of traumatizing a kid.

Photo credit: Fran Krause

#14 Slow Death

Someone is living that experience right now.

Photo credit: Fran Krause

#15 Drifting Away

Happens all the time, when I’m at a beach.

Photo credit: Fran Krause

#16 Cruel Lies

This is what happens when you couldn’t tell the truth. You could make your child worried about accidentally flushing some babies.

Photo credit: Fran Krause

#17 How is this a solution?

That’s horrible – and she thought that would do the trick – replace one fear with another? 🙁 I would probably wet the bed even more!

Photo credit: Fran Krause

#18 A Chance to Hide

OMG this is definitely a nightmare. But I’m thankful I’m not alone on this!

Photo credit: Fran Krause

#19 Lmao

Funny but quite evil!

Photo credit: Fran Krause

#20 Ten Seconds

What if they decide to have their own deal? Say seven seconds?

Photo credit: Fran Krause

#21 Stargazing fears

When I think about this I look around to see what things are stuck to the ground so that I can hold on in case it happens!

Photo credit: Fran Krause

#22 Nothing good to say

Or no one will show up at all.

Photo credit: Fran Krause

If you want to see more, you can check out Krause’s work on his Tumblr and Facebook pages. You can even submit a deep dark fear of your own. He’s also got a Twitter and Instagram.