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This Guy Attempts The Most Gut-Wrenching Thing You’ll Ever See at Almost 1,000 Feet!





Some people are just born to do the scariest stunts that will terrify normal human beings to death…and actually enjoy it! Spencer Seabrooke from British Columbia certainly proved that he has balls of steel – he slacklined from one cliff to the other, walking 64 meters to reach the end…and at 951 feet!

In this extremely nerve-wracking video, Spencer grunts and shouts as he walks on a rope, covering the gap between North Gully of Squamish’s Stawamus Chief Mountain.

Doing this at almost 1000 feet…without a safety harness!


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Almost a thousand feet off the ground…and no safety harness. By accomplishing this incredible feat, Spencer smashed the world record for the longest free solo slackline ever.

Now watch how he did it…the 0:20 mark made my heart jump out of my chest!

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Not surprisingly, this is not the first time that Spencer performed a death-defying slackline. He recently walked between Stanley Park and Siwash Rock.

Slacklining at sunset


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