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This Guy Needed A Kidney Transplant, But His Donor Gave Him So Much More!

A woman’s selfless act resulted in something truly amazing.

Have you met your perfect match? Apparently Danny Robinson and Ashley McIntyre are literally perfect match for each other for a very unique reason. Here’s how they found out.

Robinson, a 25-year-old dialysis patient, needed a kidney donor. Although many of his family and friends offered him their kidneys, no one seems to be a match for him until he met Ashley McIntyre, a complete stranger.

The 26-year-old stranger underwent a series of tests to find out if her kidney is good enough for the dialysis patient. Indeed, McIntyre was “miraculously” a perfect match to Robinson. UK Transplant Coordinator Todd Maynard pointed out that only 1% of living kidney donations come from strangers.

Ashley McIntyre, a complete stranger, was “miraculously” a perfect match to Robinson.


Photo credit: Viral Nova

While Robinson was recovering from the operation, McIntyre visited him everyday in the hospital room. Soon enough, their friendship blossomed into romance. Currently, the two are engaged and expecting a little girl.

Danny and Ashley clicked immediately.


Photo credit: Viral Nova

Although Robinson is still taking anti-rejection medication, the procedure was a success since his life expectancy since his dialysis more than doubled. He added that he has 10 times more energy after receiving McIntyre’s kidney.

As for McIntyre, her selfless deed cost her nothing but a scar. With more than 100,000 people needing kidney transplants in US, McIntyre is urging people to consider organ donation.

Ashley and Danny, now engaged, are currently expecting a baby girl.


Photo credit: Viral Nova

“I know being a living organ donor is not possible for a lot of people, But it’s something to just think about. And even if it’s not an option, people can put on their license that they will donate after death. It’s just kind of a human thing, something (to) do for another person that could change their life,” she told The Courier Journal.

Source: Viral Nova


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