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Dad Wins 3 Marathons in the Span of 8 Days, Winning $5,750 to Pay for Son’s Hospital Bills

“Every time I’m in a race I think of him and how my pain is nothing compared to what he has gone through.”

Joy Adalia





With his 9-month-old son Leeim in the hospital for continued treatments to correct his spina bifida, a congenital defect affecting the spinal column, marathoner Bryan Morseman raised funds for the hospital bills in the best way he knew: run and, hopefully, win in marathons.

The 29-year-old is no stranger to winning marathons as he won 23 of the 42 he attended since 2008!

So, winning more for his son would surely be a piece of cake – but winning 3 in the span of 8 days is just incredible! I didn’t know the body could recover that fast yet Bryan was willing to risk everything for his son.

Leeim was born with spina bifida, a congenital defect affecting the spine

dad runs marathon for son's hospital bills 2

Bryan has won 23 of the 42 marathons he joined since 2008


Every time I’m in a race I think of him and how my pain is nothing compared to what he has gone through. He gives me the energy shot to pick me up and carry me through to the finish. – Bryan Morseman

He runs for Leeim

dad runs marathon for son's hospital bills 1

His first win was at the Montgomery Marathon in Alabama on March 14 but the young dad did not celebrate yet. He quickly headed to Cary, North Carolina, to join the Tobacco Road Marathon the next morning, March 15; he won. Then, on March 22, he won the Yeungling Shamrock Marathon in Virginia Beach.

Leeim is Bryan’s inspiration to win

dad runs marathon for son's hospital bills4

He earned $5,750 in winnings, all of which went to his son’s treatment. With Leeim still needing further treatments and physical therapy so could have a better chance of being able to walk, those winnings are still not enough. So, the family also set up a GoFundMe page so other people could pitch in to help pay for his medical bills while Bryan plans to continue racing to raise the needed amount

The young family hopes Leeim’s condition will greatly improve with the continued treatment

dad runs marathon for son's hospital bills 3

Bryan with his other inspiration: his lovely wife

dad runs marathon for son's hospital bills 6

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He’s Wrapped Up Like A Mummy. When I Saw Why, I Lost It!

A rare skin condition made him look like a living mummy. But his determination? Unmatched!

Inah Garcia



All of us have dreams and aspirations in life but sometimes events happen and we are left with no choice but to forgo our goals. Such is the case of 14-year-old boy, Jonathan Pitre from Russel, Ontario. He may seem like a typical teenager at first - fascinated with sports and hopefully wanted to be an athlete himself someday. Unfortunately, he has a rare skin disease that has barred him from reaching the pinnacle of his life goal. Diagnosed with Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB), he has to live his life in pain - with the excruciating sensation haunting him even while he is asleep. We think his story is so powerful that we have to share it to the world.

Watch his video here:

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Credits: TSN Tube via The San Francisco Globe

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Random acts of kindness surely goes a long way!

Inah Garcia



It is a given - life is unfair. It is but normal for all people to experience some down moments, as it is through these experiences that we come out stronger and braver. The good thing is there are also lots of people who have kind hearts, and are willing to make sacrifices for the good of the oppressed. Stories involving random acts of kindness always make us happy and positive.

This is why we want to share this video we found that showcases little snippets of kindness from totally complete strangers. We are awed by their kind hearts and inspired to pay the positive vibes forward.

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CEO Slashes Own Salary to Raise a $70,000 Minimum Wage at His Company.

CEO and Founder Dan Price is not just Gravity Payments’ boss, he’s also a hero.

Ann Moises



What makes employees happy? Is it having a nice, conducive work environment? Having honest and kind leaders who act professionally and know how to reward their subordinates fairly? High salary and great benefits? A CEO who really ( I mean really!) cares about the employees and not just the profit they bring in?

This can go on and on and I bet those people in the corporate world are wishing for these. I mean, wouldn't it be nice to be a part of a company or institution that truly lives by its mission and vision statements? For those who are a part of such company, I say you're indeed the 120 employees of Gravity Payments.

The CEO and founder of Gravity Payments, Dan Price announced last April 13th that he will cut his annual salary, which amounts to $1 million dollars down to $70,000.


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