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Dad Ignores Warning Signs, Dangles His Son Dangerously Close To 400-ft Cliff’s Edge





As parents, it’s definitely our duty to take good care of our children. Of course, that responsibility includes protecting them from any potential harm.

One father, however, recently made headlines after putting his young son’s life in danger when he dangled him preilously close to the edge of the 400-ft high Seven Sisters cliffs.

A terrible idea… Don’t do this, dads!

According to reports, this man, whose identity remained unidentified, was spotted in the popular Sussex landmark holding his son close to the cliff’s edge so he can see what’s down there.

This is despite the fact that warning signs are found in the area.

Everyone should really keep a safe distance from the cliff.

Before the said incident, authorities have often reminded the public that the cliffs and ground may appear strong and stable but “there are often cracks hidden below,” a report said.

So yes, it is “incredibly dangerous” for visitors to pull such a stunt because they clearly “don’t know what they are sitting over’.”

In fact, the tourist spot has endangered and claimed several lives in the past.

Back in 2017, a a South Korean student named Hyewon Kim fell to her death while having her photo taken there.

Meanwhile, the DailyMail likewise tells us about a female tourist who, several months ago, “fell into the sea sparking a search operation”. Fortunately, she was eventually found safe after several hours of search.

We hope this would serve as a lesson for all sorts of tourists out there. Let this be a reminder to never ignore warning signs on sites you visit because they are definitely there for a purpose. No selfie or “harmless fun” is ever worth your or your loved one’s lives.

In short: stay safe and don’t be stupid. You don’t want to do something you just might regret later on.

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