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Woman In Her Deathbed Marries. After A Few Weeks, A Miracle Happened!





Miracles happen everyday. It don’t always have to come in spectacular presentations, as long as a small spark of hope has ignited one’s life. But sometimes big events happen that can leave us hanging in disbelief; such is the story of Mandy Curran.

Mandy was in the brink of losing her dear life due to a case of internal bleeding. The doctors said she wouldn’t survive, and that she has a few months to live. So when Paul Curran, her partner of 20 years, suggested that they get married right then and there at the hospital, she quickly agreed. Dubbed as “deathbed wedding,” the ceremony was done plainly and swiftly, and shortly after, she was admitted in the intensive care unit.

Mandy and Paul Curran Happily Marry.


Photo credit: The Telegraph

After weeks of treatment, Mandy miraculously recovered! The doctors couldn’t believe the remarkable progress in her health. She was discharged from the hospital after three weeks.

“It seems the deathbed wedding saved my life. At the time I was so close to dying, when Paul suggested we get married in hospital, I agreed straightaway and the wedding was wonderful,” she told the U.K.’s

She adds, “The following few weeks were a blur to me, but I was then moved off a high dependency unit, and I knew I had to get better for the sake of new husband, so I tackled it one day at a time, getting out of bed and learning to walk again before anyone could stop me. Now I’m happily back at home with a new lease of life and a new husband.”

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