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Crippled Wife Serves As Eyes Of Her Blind Husband As He Carries Her Everyday

A true example of an unconditional love.

Angela Beltran





When two people promise forever when they get married, it means staying with each other in sickness and in health and for better or for worse. No matter how big an obstacle is, when they are in love with each other, they can definitely surpass it.

A perfect example of an unending love and sacrifice in marriage is seen in a couple in China – a blind husband and a crippled wife. He carries her on his back, not minding their disabilities as they work together to go through each day.

Some people would easily give up and lose hope in life when they’re faced with this kind of problem.

But for this unique couple, they help each other despite their disabilities. Dubbed as the “basket couple”, Cao Shucai and his wife Xu Houbi are farmers at Yong’an Village in Chongqing.

Cao is blind and Xu cannot walk.

Cao reportedly lost his sight in 1988 while Xu lost the ability to walk due to having Rickets. For nearly three decades, Cao would put Xu inside a basket. He would carry her around wherever he goes.

On the other hand, Xu serves as his eyes to prevent him from falling down.

She guides him while walking to prevent falling on a 30cm-wide field path. The video, which was uploaded on Facebook has garnered millions of views and the netizens are touched by Cao and Xu’s unconditional and genuine love for each other.

Many netizens were touched by the love story of the old couple.

A netizen thinks that the couple is using their strengths to live and work.

Many are complaining about their lives, not realizing others have worse experiences each day.

Another thinks that this is a definite relationship goal.

This netizen thinks this is a true example of an unconditional love.

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Terminally-Ill Toddler’s Wish To Become A Flower Girl At Parent’s Wedding Comes True

This is one of the most heartbreaking scenes ever.

Angela Beltran



To become a flower girl at someone's wedding is a dream come true for most little girls, most especially when the ones getting married are their parents. For a four-year-old girl, Paige, it has been her wish to witness her parents get married in 2018, primarily because she's their flower girl.

Jacob Skarratts and Tania Miller were planning the "big day" when they were hit with devastating news. Their daughter has been diagnosed with an incurable and aggressive type of brain cancer.

Paige was a happy, healthy and normal four-year-old girl when all of a sudden, she experienced terrible and debilitating headaches.

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Grandma Cracks Joke About Boy Born Without Limbs, Later Proves He Can Live A Normal Life

A grandma jokes about her grandson’s disability. Later, his family was surprised to see him living normally.

Donna Marie Padua



They say you should be careful with what you wish for because you might just get it. However, in the life story of Chris Koch, it was “be careful with your jokes because it might just define your loved ones’ life.” The joke that his grandmother cracked though molded him in a positive way and his disability didn’t stop him from becoming a diligent worker.

Chris was born without forearms and legs. Despite these parts that’s missing from his body, he was completely healthy. He was also fortunate that he was born into a family who gives him full support, but they also made sure that he will grow up independently like anyone else who was born normal.

Chris was born without arms and legs when his grandmother joked about hus father not finishin anything.

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5 Habits Of People Who Are Emotionally Stable

Being emotionally stable is a lot more complex than simply being stoic and cold.

Mark Lester Celozar



One of the disappointing things in our society is how it perceives the emotionally stable people as apathetic and cold-hearted. When people hear the term “emotionally stable,” the first things that enter their mind are stoicism, apathy, and emotionlessness which are just plain wrong. Being emotionally stable is a lot more complex and it is virtually nothing like that.

Being emotionally stable is about resilience. It’s how you control your emotions and your ability to recover from various hurdles of life. If you want to know if you’re emotionally stable, here’s a list of habits you can consult.

1. Risk taker

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