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20+ Creative Ear Tattoos That Are Cooler Than Earrings





Tattoos come in different size and shapes. While some desire large tattoos and going for full sleeves, others like it minimal and subtle. You can put a tiny tattoo anywhere you like, with the wrist, ankle, fingers, and even arm as popular areas where they can be found. However, if you want a more unique spot to hide those tattoos, you should go for ear tattoos.

In recent years, ear tattoos have swept the Internet, thanks to adorable designs you can use. The most common ear tattoo design is the floral motif. Flower blooms can be cute and colorful designs that you might want to steal. Curious about ear tattoos? Check the photos below for inspiration.


Ear tattoos may be small. Some are inked along the edge of the ears, while others go for the lobe and even on the outer ear. Having your ears inked is great if you really want a tattoo without flaunting it, especially if you have parents who are against them. At the same time, the tiny design is what makes ear tattoos beautiful.

Getting an ear pierced is painful. Having the piercing on the cartilage part is much more painful. And then, there’s the thought of having needles constantly working through the skin on the ear – inside and outside – and making that buzzing sound. If you think you can handle it, then go for ear tattoos. Otherwise, it’s a no go.


It’s also worth knowing that tattooing around the ear, which is one of the most sensitive body parts, can have risks. The process might result in headaches, migraines and even temporary jaw lock.

You also have to practice post-tattoo care, like making sure the tattooed area doesn’t come in contact with shampoos for a couple of weeks. Despite the risks, people still go-for them.

Even celebrities love them!

Which of these designs is/are your favorite/s?

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