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When This Couple Revealed Their “Best Kept Secret”, The Entire Family was Shocked!





Surprises are best shared with special people and sometimes, even the best kept secrets too. From a small announcement to the biggest one, everything becomes more special and memorable with family and friends around. This couple here did exactly that when they pulled off the ultimate and epic surprise for their loved ones.

Here’s the catch though, nobody knew the gender of their baby, who are ‘babies’ apparently since the couple decided to keep it a secret. On March 12th at West Florida Hospital, Sharon Rademacher gave birth to two adorable girls who are ‘twins’ making it twice the happiness and blessing. When it was finally time to spill the beans, everyone was beaming with excitement.

Soon enough, overwhelming emotions filled the room when they saw the twins. Shock and confusion written on their faces. Others still couldn’t believe what they just witnessed saying,

Oh my God! Are you kidding?

But when it finally sank in, they were laughing and crying, nothing but happiness for the couple. It was the most priceless moment for the Rademacher family and memorable too because everything was recorded.

Watch the epic video below:

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What a perfect plan for a surprise! Congratulations!

Credits: Korey Rademacher, WOAI News 4 San Antonio

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