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Couple Helps Out Health Workers By Producing Face Shields Using 3D Printing




  • Nick Pearson and Lauren Rooney reached out to the National Health Services and asked how they can help.
  • They are offering their services for free and have set up a GoFundMe account to fund the materials.
  • The couple aims to make at least 100 visors a day.

Nick Pearson and Lauren Rooney saw the desperate need for protective equipment for health workers in the UK. Equipped with 3D printing technology and love in their hearts, they set out to make face shields for the country’s National Health Service (NHS).

The couple from Leeds, Yorkshire reached out to the NHS and offered their assistance in dealing with the growing number of coronavirus cases in the country. Then they went to work – their 3D printer has been operating non-stop to produce sterile face visors that are also eco-friendly.

Nick wearing one of their 3D printed visors.
These face shields will be used by health workers and frontliners – from doctors to pharmacists.

What’s more, Nick and Lauren offer these masks free of charge to hospitals and pharmacies.

Since then, the couple have gotten huge amount of orders for the face shields. They had to buy two more printers to be able to meet the demand as quickly as possible.

The printers are hard at work to produce the visors.

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“The response we’ve got is absolutely phenomenal. At the moment we have two printers on the kitchen table and the TV stand has been recommissioned for two printers which arrived today,” Nick said to Yorkshire Evening Post.

Of course, the couple needed financial assistance for their project. They created a GoFundMe page to acquire funds. Nick explained that they are willing to setup as many printers as his house can hold to get printing fast without compromising the quality of the face shields.

The finished product. The couple aims to make at least 100 of this a day.

It’s a serious production line, Nick described. The more money they raise, the more printers they can buy and the more they can produce.

The money they will raise will be spent on purchasing more plastic and 3D printers. The couple aims to produce at least 100 visors per day.

Nick said that he has a lot of family members that are considered vulnerable to the disease. He just wants to help people stay safe.

“It’s really important to look at your skills, what you’re good at, and work out how you can help. Take a look around – are you good at sewing? Can you make aprons? There are a lot of groups that need help on Facebook with all kinds of things. It’s time for everybody to pull together.”

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