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This Floor is Totally Awesome, Prepare to Be Blown Away!





Nothing adds a touch of class to a home like hardwood floors. Whether you’re looking to have teak, mahogany, or even cherry wood, each type of wood adds a lot of character to any room.

But, as most classy things go, hardwood floors don’t come cheap, even if you go for imitation hardwood over genuine wood. that’s why the folks over at Decorative Concrete Kingdom came up with a solution. They concocted an ingenious way to emulate hardwood floors on concrete flooring. And at first glance (with maybe a quick touch test), you’d be convinced that these floors were genuine hardwood floors!

Source: Housecrets

They started off by prepping the floor by shot-blasting the concrete. This serves to smoothen out the floors to make it easier to paint over. Then they smoothed on a layer of dark-pigmented polymer cement base, which will peek out between the planks. Once done, they used slim fiber tape to emulate the pattern of the planks.

To get the base color of the wood, they spray painted over the tape to both imitate the texture of hardwood flooring. And then they carefully peeled off the tape to reveal the polymer cement base. You’ll see that it still looks odd and cartoon-like, but that’s where the magic of staining comes in.

They stained each board by hand using a blend of polymer stains. This includes copying the natural grain of wood, and the natural discoloration and imperfections of hardwood floors. They then topped this off with two coats of epoxy and a topcoat of high-wear urethane to give the floors a protective satin finish.

Want to see for yourself? Here’s the video of their process:

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This method takes a lot of time and work, but it’s definitely a lot cheaper than the real stuff. And on top of that, it’s harder to dent than authentic wood! So not only will you save a lot of cash, but you’re also getting a great deal when it comes to durability.

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