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This Compilation of Hilarious Wedding Fails Will Make You Laugh Real Hard





Our wedding day is one of the best highlights in our lives! We always look forward and day dream about this “special day”!

We want everything to be perfect and according to what we have planned from the biggest detail down to the tiniest piece.

Weddings today are more extravagant, artistic and creative. We spend more and hire wedding coordinators as well as other wedding suppliers to ensure that everything will go smoothly and fantastic on our wedding day!

Of course, we all want a very memorable wedding ceremony and reception right? BUT Sometimes, no matter how much effort and preparation we put in to it, something will inevitably go wrong. No matter how much planning we dedicate for this big event, unforeseen incidents occur and accidents happen.

Sometimes accidents are inevitable, wedding fails just happen!

Sometimes accidents are inevitable, wedding fails just happen!

Since this is the month of love, and this is the time we all commonly celebrate heart’s day; we want to share with you a video compilation of wedding fails! We at Elite Readers, hope that this clip will lighten up your day! Watch this very funny wedding fails.

Wedding Fails Compilation 1:

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Wedding Fails Compilation 2:

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Well, if these happen we should just be a good sport and enjoy the moment. Since there’s no undo or rewind button, I guess we are left without choice but to deal with this kind of situation gracefully. It will be more awkward dealing with these unforeseen events with a heavy heart. Just laugh about these wedding fails and continue enjoying the day; anyway, what matters most is your exchange of vows!

Sometimes, epic fails like this can lighten the mood of the people and makes the event more unforgettable. Some people may get disappointed at first, but who knows after many years of being married then you start to reminisce about your wedding day, you and your partner as well as your guests may end up laughing about this little accident.

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