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Formation of Clouds That Seem to Spell “LOVE” Goes Viral

It looks like a message from the heavens.

  • Analiza Sampinit used just her phone to snap the photos and then uploaded them on Facebook.
  • She clarified that the photos were not edited in anyway.
  • Some people pointed out that this is just a case of pareidolia, which is the tendency of people to see messages, patterns, and shapes in inanimate objects

During these trying times, any sign of hope from the heavens is definitely a welcome sight. – and a netizen was able to capture one in the province of Surigao Del Sur in the Philippines.

Analiza Sampinit looked up the skies and noticed some unique cloud formations, which seem to spell the word LOVE. At that moment, she was in her hometown in Barangay Bon-Ot in Carrascal.

She used only her phone to take the photos and then uploaded them on Facebook.

Analiza clarified that the photos were not edited in any way. The clouds in the photos were above an island and a sunbeam appeared to shine straight to the ground.

Looking carefully at the clouds, one can make out the letters L-O-V-E, with the first three letters in a much clearer form while the last letter was a bit faded.

Netizens were awed by the photos and while many admitted that the formations were probably just a coincidence, some still rec the beautiful, comforting message.

The Facebook page “Love you so bad” commented on the photos, writing:

“THE SKY TELLS US SOMETHING SO WONDERFUL TODAY! Amidst the things that are happening now around the world, we all should be reminded that everything becomes lighter if we put some LOVE in it. Spread positive vibes! Spread love!”

Of course, there are also those who just pointed out that this is simply a case of pareidolia, which is the tendency of people to see messages, patterns, and shapes in inanimate objects.

This is why some people believe that they can see the image of angels, Jesus, or Mary in animal fur or plants.
An eroded rock looks like the face of an animal, a hippopotamus, perhaps.

Well pareidolia or not, everyone will probably agree that these are beautiful photos and the images have managed to bring a smile to a lot of people online.


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