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5 Ways Clever People Upcycled Plastic Bottles


Plastic bottles contribute to one of the biggest problems we face today—global warming. Once these containers are dumped in landfills, they are usually incinerated along with other garbage. Ultimately, these waste materials release toxic gas into the air which destroy our atmosphere.

Fortunately, aside from some big companies that recycle these trash, there are several amazing, ingenious individuals out there who use their creativity to upcycle these plastic bottles. And they probably did it using ordinary tools only.

So before you throw those plastic bottles out again next time, think of what valuable thing you can make of them. That way, you’ll also help save our planet.

Take a look at these clever creations:

Drawers made from big containers


White plastic gallons transformed into a lovely ottoman


Boats made from plastic bottles




These neat planters



A birdfeeder


Which one did you like most? Do you have other clever ideas in mind? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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