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Creative Woman Uses Clever Storage Solutions For Her Tiny Apartment

Living in a small house? This should be the ultimate inspiration to get more creative!


Having a big house with lots of comfortable spaces seems like the ultimate dream for many. Most people would imagine owning a mansion with grand stairs, high ceiling and spacious rooms.

We agree that that’s the classic aim, but in today’s contemporary world, more and more people want the opposite.

Living in tiny homes has a become a trend for some reason and if you are thinking of downsizing as well, then we have the ultimate inspiration for you.

Meet Suzi West. She lives in Brooklyn, New York — in a flat that measures just 200-feet! Although she has a backyard that is twice the size of the actual house, we cannot hide the fact that her living space is really quite small. But with natural juices of creativity and the willingness to make it work, Suzi was able to curate a tiny yet very beautiful home in the heart of the city.

Watch the video feature here:

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We love how she pointed out the positives of living in a tiny house — cleaning is a breeze, prioritization will be on point and letting go of not so important things will be a must. We think these are the most important implications of downsizing and with that, we expect more people to follow suit.

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Home & DIY

An Easy And Effective Way To Prevent Tights From ‘Running’.

I’m definitely trying this one!

Many girls love to wear tights for a variety of reasons.

Some use it to keep warm, while others are just so conservative that they need a cover-up for their legs. Whatever the reason is, tights remain to be a fashion staple, a wardrobe need and stylish piece.

Despite the many positive things about tights, it comes with disadvantages. The most probable one is getting easily destroyed through "running." We have to admit it, tights are so fragile that even a little poke or stretch may cause it to deserve a space in the dumpster.

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13 Basic Household Items You Can Use For Survival

These ideas and tips are so clever that you’ll be fine in an event of an apocalypse.

It seems that zombie-themed storylines are quite popular in the TV industry these days. You have to wonder, if the zombie apocalypse does happen one day, will you be prepared to survive?

But let’s talk more about the real catastrophic events such as heavy flooding, earthquakes and extended periods of power outage—are you ready for it? Do you have what it takes to survive days or even weeks with only basic items you can find lying around your house?

The thing is, even everyday items you find in your home can be used to help with your survival in troubled times, so long as you know how to improvise and be creative.

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A Student Hand-Built His Own Yurt and Lives Rent-Free The Whole School Year Through

What better way to avoid a mountain of student debt…

The cost of a college education these days is sky-high, and university attendees can expect to amass thousands of dollars in student loans even before they graduate.

Add that to the cost of books, board and lodging, and anyone hoping to get a degree will have pretty much dug themselves into a grave of debt before they even land a lucrative job.

Lucky for this Canadian student from the Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops, British Columbia, he channeled his love for the outdoors and built his own yurt to stay in rent-free for the duration of the school year.

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