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Creative Woman Uses Clever Storage Solutions For Her Tiny Apartment





Having a big house with lots of comfortable spaces seems like the ultimate dream for many. Most people would imagine owning a mansion with grand stairs, high ceiling and spacious rooms.

We agree that that’s the classic aim, but in today’s contemporary world, more and more people want the opposite.

Living in tiny homes has a become a trend for some reason and if you are thinking of downsizing as well, then we have the ultimate inspiration for you.

Meet Suzi West. She lives in Brooklyn, New York — in a flat that measures just 200-feet! Although she has a backyard that is twice the size of the actual house, we cannot hide the fact that her living space is really quite small. But with natural juices of creativity and the willingness to make it work, Suzi was able to curate a tiny yet very beautiful home in the heart of the city.

Watch the video feature here:

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We love how she pointed out the positives of living in a tiny house — cleaning is a breeze, prioritization will be on point and letting go of not so important things will be a must. We think these are the most important implications of downsizing and with that, we expect more people to follow suit.

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