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How to Choose the Best Wedding Dress for Your Body Type

Big or small, there’s a perfect wedding dress for you!






Brides will put all stops to make sure that their wedding day is the most perfect day ever and they will look their absolute best when they walk down the aisle. Finding the perfect dress is top of their list and if you’re like most brides, you will scour heaven and earth just to get your hands on the gown of your dreams.

The best dress doesn’t depend alone on how good it looks on the magazine or the store display; you have to make sure that the fit is absolutely perfect. Design and fit go hand-in-hand and what works for you will depend on your body type.

Here’s how you can know which type of wedding dress is best for you:

#1. If you have an elegant neck…

You will look fantastic in sweetheart necklines, which shows off the décolletage in a classy feminine way.

#2. If you have a large chest…

You will need fuller support for the bust so you need a dress with thicker straps. This is a must if you plan to move and dance a lot on your big day. If you already have a sleeveless or spaghetti-strapped dress in mind, you can easily have it adjusted to have thick straps.

#3. If you have sleek and toned arms…

Sleeveless dress is the way to go because you deserve to show off those arms you’ve worked out hard for! If you have a beautiful neck as well, you can go for a strapless dress with a sweetheart neckline.

#4. If you have heavier arms…

If you’re not feeling that confident to showcase your arms, then go for long-sleeved dresses. Your arms can still look sexy if you choose a dress with lace or sheer sleeves. Long-sleeved dresses are also perfect for brides who still want the classy traditional look for their wedding day.

#5. If you lack curves…

If you have a straight body and you want to feel curvier on your wedding day, a corseted gown is the one for you. You don’t have to worry about feeling stiff on a corset dress; the modern versions are made to be comfortable and yes, you can breathe in them. It gives you an hourglass look and can be adjusted accordingly to hide the bulge in your midsection.

#6. If you are petite…

A mermaid dress will give you the curves you need on your big day. The dropped waist and the low flare also add more height since it elongates your torso.

#7. If you have a pear-shaped body…

If you have a heavier bottom, don’t despair! All you need is a dramatic ball gown and you will look like a princess as you walk down the aisle.

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