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Study Finds Chocolate Is Better Than Codeine In Relieving Cough

Got cough? Munch on chocolate!


Whoever says chocolate is bad for people with cough must be ashamed right now. A new study found that dark chocolate is actually better than cough syrup in relieving a tickle or hacking cough. Not convinced? Read on.

Professor Alyn Morice, head of cardiovascular and respiratory studies at the University of Hull, cites a recent research that investigated and compared the effects of a medicine containing cocoa and a widely used cough syrup called Codeine.

Codeine Cough Syrup

Codeine Cough Syrup

The results of the study show that those who took the cocoa-based drug exhibited more significant improvements than those who took Codeine. Amazing!

What more, another study from the Imperial College London, explains that cocoa contains an alkaloid that is more effective than Codeine when it comes to suppressing the urge to cough.

Simply put, the consistency of chocolate is much stickier than that of cough medicines. With this, it is much better at coating the throat and protecting the nerve endings that trigger the cough sensation.

Not just a gastronomic delight.

Not just a gastronomic delight.

Experts say more research is needed to solidify the findings. Nonetheless, we couldn’t be any happier the next time the cough bug hits us!

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Persistent Diver Befriends an Extremely Dangerous Moray Eel

Watch how a diver befriends one of the ocean’s most dangerous creatures. Now, they’re best friends.

Patience is definitely a virtue. This is what diver, Valerie Taylor employed in order to get the trust of a very dangerous moray eel. It took her many years in order to get the trust of one of the most dangerous sea creature. The Central Florida Aquarium Society shared an amazing video of the bond that was formed between the moray eel and Taylor.

A moray eel is dangerous when provoked. They attack their opponent and they are well-equipped to kill their predator.


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Vain Cat Loves Taking Selfies With His Buddies And People Are Wondering How He Does It

Manny the cat wins the most vain pet ever.

Selfie is a popular thing that started a few years after smart phones were introduced to the world. It is so popular that a cat has learned to take a picture of itself, along with other domesticated animals. It is strange, isn’t it? How can a cat hold a camera and take a selfie with its crew?

Well, a cat from an undisclosed location in the United States has taken the online world by storm with its camera captures.

The cat’s name is Manny and he is certainly “vain!”


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Monkey Adopts A Puppy, Protects it From Stray Dogs, And Lets It Eat First

The love and compassion shown by the monkey is unbelievable.

How often do you see a domesticated dog being protected by an animal that is known to be territorial out in the jungle? Locals in a tiny village in Rode, India were touched by the kindness of a Rhesus macaque monkey that appeared to have adopted a puppy roaming around the streets. It is an amazing sight, which shows so much love and compassion between the two different species.

The pictures of the two animals have captured the hearts of the netizens.


Source: Dinamalar
The monkey even fights off other stray dogs who try to come near its new adopted puppy.


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