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Chinese Woman With Fever ‘Cheats’ Coronavirus Check, Flies to Dine in France

“My exit was smooth,” she boasted.

  • A woman from Wuhan, China has angered netizens after boasting about how she ‘cheated’ a coronavirus screening at the airport.
  • She flew to France to dine at a Michelin-star restaurant.
  • She has since been tracked down by the Chinese embassy in Paris.

A woman from China has attracted online outrage after bragging about how she successfully ‘cheated’ a novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) health check at the airport as she flew to France. According to her, she was actually having a fever at the time of her flight.

Reports further tell us that the woman, only known as Mrs Yuan, went on a French trip to have a meal at a Michelin-starred restaurant. She proudly shared about her experience on social media which later prompted the Chinese embassy officials in Paris to track her down, after they received several calls and emails. They eventually discovered she was from Wuhan, the city where the viral disease originated.

A certain MRs Yuan traveled from Wuhan to France and boasted about ‘cheating’ the coronavirus screening at the airport.

She wrote:

“Finally I can have a good meal, I feel like I’ve been starving for two days. When you are in a gourmet city of course you have to eat Michelin [food].”

She also added in her post that she had “a low fever and cough” before leaving the country, admitting she felt “scared to death.” However, she managed to keep her temperature down after taking some medicine.

“My exit was smooth,” she said.

She even posted her photos online, showing her having a meal at the expensive restaurant.

Airline passengers are required to undergo health screening to help prevent the spread of the disease.

Not surprisingly, the woman ended up getting bashed on social media. Netizens, including those from Wuhan, expressed anger about her “irresponsible” actions.

Meanwhile, the Chinese embassy later issued a statement, assuring the public that Mrs Yuan “no longer has any fever or cough symptoms” in the past several days and that she has regularly observed her temperature. Medical services in the country have likewise told her that she “doesn’t need to be examined” because she didn’t have any symptoms anymore.

Apparently, the woman left Wuhan before the government shut down public transportation in an attempt to contain the dangerous illness.

Watch this video to learn more about the Wuhan lockdown:

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