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Thousands of Chinese Tourists Flock To Popular Spots After China Lifts Lockdown

“China is not near the end, but has entered a new stage with the global epidemic raging, China has not reached the end.”

  • Thousands of Chinese people flocked together in some popular tourist spots in China after their government lifted the strict lockdown.
  • Despite receiving warning from health authorities, Chinese tourists still visited popular tourists sites such as Huangshan Mountain Park in Anhui province, Bund Waterfront in Shanghai, and in Beijing’s parks and open spaces, among others.
  • China’s chief epidemiologist Zeng Guang said “China is not near the end,” warning people that a third wave of the virus may occur.

Despite warnings from health authorities that the coronavirus pandemic is “far from over,” thousands of Chinese families crammed together in several tourists spots in the country during their holiday weekend. Lengthy lines were seen in several areas as people got too eager to experience the outdoors after the strict lockdown.

Photos have emerged in various news website showing thousands of Chinese tourists visiting Huangshan mountain park in Anhui province, the Bund waterfront in Shanghai, and in public parks of Beijing. However, Chinese Center of Disease Control and Prevention chief epidemiologist Zeng Guang warned the public that the country may expect a new stage of the health pandemic, stressing that efforts to contain the virus has “not reached the end” yet.

During the second of the seven-day holiday in China, authorities in Huangshan Mountain Park in Anhui province were forced not to accept more visitors as it reached its limit of 20,000 individuals.

In Shanghai, shoppers and tourists flocked to a popular Bund waterfront. CNN reported that some restaurants reopened back to business, requiring some customers to reserve their seats in advance.

Similar instances also happened in public parks and other open spaces in Beijing, the capital of China.

Zeng Guang continued to remind all Chinese nationals to continue being cautious by observing a 2-meter distance and avoiding crowded places.

Zeng warned that China is “not near the end” and a “third wave” of the health crisis may occur.

“China is not near the end, but has entered a new stage. With the global epidemic raging, China has not reached the end,” he warned

After photos of crowds at Huangshan have circulated in social media, state-owned media People’s Daily issued a “stern reprimand” to tourists: “Do not gather!”

The People’s Daily also said in its opinion page that while they understand that people would want to go outdoors after being in quarantine for months, visiting tourists places is not a good idea. The writer said that it is not the time yet to “stop being vigilant.”

“If there are asymptomatic carriers present during large-scale gatherings, the consequences would be severe,” the article stated.

Meanwhile, an expert from Hong Kong also warned the public about a possible “third wave.” Epidemiologist Yuen Kwok-yung said:

“So in Hong Kong, we might have a third wave of cases coming from the mainland after a second wave…The epidemic is still serious in the society. At this stage, it is still not optimistic.”

Hong Kong authorities are still containing the second wave of foreign cases after returning citizens and foreign expatriates from the United States, United Kingdom, and Europe, led to another outbreak by the end of March.


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