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Chinese Dad Gets Attacked By Tigers After Climbing Zoo Fence To Avoid Paying Entrance Fee

He wanted to save money. It cost him his life!

A father from China recently fell to his death at the Yageer Zoo in Ningbo after tigers viciously attacked him. The man was with his wife and children when the incident happened – and they all witnessed his horrific death!

How did the attack happen in the first place?

According to reports, the man climbed the zoo fence and jumped into the enclosure so he wouldn’t have to pay the $19 entrance fee.

Eventually, special forces unit but it took them about an hour before they were able to pull him away to safety. BBC Reported that the Dongqian Lake Tourist Resort Administrative Committee identified the victim as Zhang from Hubei province.

The police had to shoot one of the tigers and the man was immediately taken to a nearby hospital.

Still, Zhang died because of all the injuries.

The zoo eventually had to be temporarily closed following the incident.

Reports tell us that Zhang was with his wife and children along with Li, his co-worker, and his wife. The women purchased tickets for themselves and the kids but the two men tried to avoid spending extra money by climbing up the zoo’s walls, despite clear warning signs.

Zhang fell down the tiger enclosure and Li ended up staying behind the wall – and that’s when the animals started attacking the victim.

Rescuers had to use fireworks and water hoses to scare the tigers away from Zhang.

Despite that, one of the tigers attacked him and dragged him by the neck and so the cops were left without a choice but to kill the animal.

You can watch the disturbing video here:

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The lesson here, of course, is clear for all of us: do not even attempt climbing zoo walls just to save money – it can cost you your own life!


Frustrated Kindergarten Teacher Can’t Get A Boy’s Boots On Because of Something He Did

The cute little kid put his poor teacher through the loops.


Kindergarten teachers are amazing. They put up with a lot of stuff from very young children. This includes stubbornness, crying and tantrums, spit, pee, snot, poo, and a lot of other things in between.

Apart from all of that, they have to care for their little charges and ensure the kids receive all the nurturing and education they need.

They are literally superheroes!


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30 Crappy Life Hacks That Are Just Downright Hilarious

These are too good not to share!

In the past, we’ve shared with you numerous useful hacks to help you enjoy a much easier and much comfortable life. So allow us to do the exact opposite right now – give you as many useless tips as we possibly can!

We recently stumbled upon a sub-Reddit called /r/ShittyLifeProTips and, to sum it all up for you, we can’t stop laughing! The hacks are absolutely hilarious we got teary-eyed just staring at the photos – from using a toilet seat to using a glass of water as a phone magnifier to many other stupid funny stuff.

Scroll down below and see for yourself:...

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Indian Girl Called “Human Snake” Sheds Her Skin Every Two Months

How difficult would it be to be in her shoes?


A teenager from India sheds her skin every six weeks due to an extremely rare dermatological condition leaving her with an unusual skin appearance. Due to this constant cycle of skin shedding, she has been viciously compared to a snake. Others, as hurtful at it may sound, tag her a "human snake."

Shalini Yadav, a 16-year-old Indian girl, finds the need to moisturize her skin every three hours to prevent it from seizing up. She also has to soak her entire body in water every hour. You see, Yadav was diagnosed with erythroderma, an inflammatory skin disease that involves redness, scaling, and exfoliation.

She has been shedding her skin every 45 days since birth.


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