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China’s Wealthiest Village is a Mysterious Communist Utopia





Located to the east of Jiangyin, Jiangsu Province is a communist village that claims to be the richest in all of China. It’s called the Huaxi village and it’s a 24-acre “communist utopia.” It was founded by Wu Renabo, who was the former secretary of the Huaxi village communist party committee.

Huaxi used to be a poor farming community but it has since been transformed into a multi-billion dollar conglomerate in the steel and shipping markets. The village’s steel, silk and travel industries have flourished, and this contributed to its $9.6 billion profit in 2012. Part of this profit is divided among its stock-holding residents.

Some of the village’s factories.


Source: Goo Blog

The 2,000 residents enjoy free healthcare and education, luxurious houses and cars (such as Volkswagen or Citroen), free use of the city’s private helicopter, free use of facilities and dining expenses in the city’s luxury hotel, and at least $250,000 in their bank accounts. However, everyone in the village works seven days a week. But if they choose to leave, they stand to lose everything.

Rows of uniformed, luxurious villas.


Source: UDN Blog
Another set of identical villas.

Source: Takungpao
Many of the houses have up to 10 rooms!


Source: UDN Blog
The interiors are just as luxurious as the exterior.


Source: UDN Blog
And the bathrooms are spacious as well.


Source: Yahoo! Blogs
With plenty of room for guests.


It’s said that the village has an annual income of at least $131,800. However, they are not allowed to talk to the press. On top of this, women over the age of 50 and men over the age of 55 also receive a monthly pension with supplementary rice and vegetables.

In 2011, the village celebrated its 50th anniversary by erecting Longxi International Hotel, a giant 238-meter skyscraper. The giant monument is said to be able to fit all of the original residents. However, gambling and drugs are prohibited. The hotel has a revolving restaurant, a rooftop pool, a shopping mall, a movie theater, and a spa. One nights’ stay at the most economical rooms for non-residents is at $260 a night.

The Longxi International Hotel.


The walls are a testament to the village’s wealth.


In the hotel is the village’s $34.6 million 50th anniversary gift to itself in 2011, which is a bull made of one ton of gold.


According to Yuan Yulai of the Zeijaing Zhixing law firm, “Even if the villagers do not get rich, they can’t take away their personal assets when leaving the village, so it’s doubtful whether the assets belong to the villagers.”

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