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China’s COVID-19 recovery is ‘All Fake’ According to Whistleblowers and Residents




  • China’s measurement of economic productivity is through electricity consumption or what it is call “barometer”.
  • Whistleblower said, China President Xi Jinping had set electricity consumption quota in order to let the world know that China is back doing business — a signal that they have finally recovered from the deadly CoronaVirus.
  • However, all the “good” news you have seen and read for the past few days were all staged, as whistleblower claimed that due to the quota they have met, companies and factories in China are leaving the lights on and switching the air conditioning unit in their empty offices

Some local Chinese officials claimed that the Xi Jinping government was using some “deceptive measures” to create the appearance that businesses are resuming and its back to normal. However, a Chinese media agency called Caixin, said those news that has been recently circulated that China is recovering from CoronaVirus (COVID-19), were all propaganda, fake, and staged.

The news report claimed that the local government through the directives of Xi, have set an electricity quota consumption per day, to signal to the world that China is now back in doing business. However, there were still some health and logistic concerns that business companies need to consider before resuming its operation.

In order to fulfill strict quotas, companies and factories have resorted to stage the business as usual stance of the government by leaving the lights, air conditioning, and even manufacturing switches on without workers around. The report also said that they are faking staff schedules and interns were also tasked to lie in case a government official inspects the premise.

Since the CoronaVirus broke out in December, China, where virus was originated, has recorded the beyond lowest manufacturing activities in February. This forced them to work under pressure to get the China economy back on track, especially now that they allegedly received a single digit of COVID-19 death cases. in efforts to pressure the companies to reopen, China set a mandatory productivity quota and subsidizing electricity costs.

It is a common practice for China to use the barometer or the electricity consumption as an indication of economy productivity.

“But civil servants said that businesses are actually faking these numbers. Beijing had started checking Zhejiang businesses’ electricity consumption levels, so district officials ordered the companies to start leaving their lights and machinery on all day to drive the numbers up,” a whistleblower told Caixan.

Companies opted to waste a little amount of money on power bills than “irritate local officials”, the report added.

China have reported recently that for the first time in the history of CoronaVirus (COVID-19), the government has reported a zero case of infection, and a single digit of deaths.

On March 6, China vice-premier Sun Chunlan visited every apartment in Wuhan. In a video, residents were seen protesting from their windows and shouting “It’s all fake”. They are pertaining to China government’s failure in containing the spread of the virus.


Xi recently visited Wuhan, to show to other countries the victory that China achieved in fighting the deadly virus. This milestone happened when countries outside China were panicking in preventing the spread of the dreaded Coronavirus.

According to a report, Xi’s visit was an important milestone in China’s fight against the fatal COVID-19, showing to the world that the situation is now “under control”, East Asian Institute at the National University of Singapore former director and professor Zheng Yongnian said in a Fortune report.

His visit to Wuhan also sends a narrative for China’s central government that its lockdown measures are effective and the shortcomings of other countries, including Italy, the U.S., Australia, among others, efforts in containing the virus.

Chinese propaganda is moving to overdrive to demonstrate that their one-party system is the best to rein in an epidemic, and much better than ‘disorganized’ liberal democracies,” Hong Kong Baptist University professor on Chinese politics Jean-Pierre Cabestan said.

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