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China Opens World’s First Underground Hotel Inside Abandoned Quarry

The Intercontinental Shanghai Wonderland can be found 288 feet below the ground!

Nobelle Borines





You can file this one under “Only in China.” The world’s first underground hotel has just been unveiled. Interestingly, the structure that is being called an “earthscraper” was built inside an abandoned quarry.

The Intercontinental Shanghai Wonderland can be found in the in the Songjiang district in China. It is also known as Shimao Quarry Hotel since it is built vertically along the precipice of a water-filled quarry 288 feet (88 meters) below the ground. There are 336 rooms, most of which allows a full view of the lake.

The so-called “earthscraper” has everything you look for in a luxury hotel.

The Shimao Quarry Hotel might seem to have emerged overnight yet it has taken almost a decade to finish the structure. The hotel reportedly cost its developer Shimao Group 2 billion yuan ($287.9 million).

There’s a good reason why it’s called a Wonderland. The Shimao Quarry Hotel has a restaurant as well as sports and recreation facilities for rock climbing and bungee jumping. There is also a glitzy amusement park beside the building while the lake will be used for water sports and related activities. In addition to that, a shopping center is being planned to be added in the next year.

The China “earthscraper” might seem like a luxurious yet dangerous structure to some. However, developers claim that the hotel can withstand a magnitude 9 earthquake. The building is also prepared for fires and flooding.

The quarry has been around for several years but was abandoned in 2000.

The Intercontinental Shanghai Wonderland was designed by British architect Martin Jochman, who is also responsible for Dubai’s Burj Al Arab. The architect admitted that the project was challenging yet unique.

“It’s the first time to turn an abandoned quarry into a wonderful hotel beneath the ground. This is such a unique opportunity that gives me some really interesting ideas of reshaping the relationship between city and nature.”

Planning a stay at the world’s first underground hotel? Suite prices could cost between 3,400 to 3,800 yuan ($489 – $546) per night so you’ll need to save up for your next visit to China.

Learn more about the world’s first underground hotel below:

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Explore The First-Ever Hello Kitty Grand Café In California





Sanrio was founded all the way back in 1962 and then a few years later, it introduced Hello Kitty to the world. Now the Japanese company has recently opened its first-ever Hello Kitty Grand Cafe in Irving, California.

The cafe features "dual experiential spaces," according to a press release. So if you're Hello Kitty fan, then this is the perfect place for you.

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13,000-Year-Old Man-Made Beer in World’s Oldest Brewery Proves Ancient Alcohol Consumption

How well do you know your beer? Read on and learn more.

Margaret Tionquiao




Beer, one of the oldest and widely consumed drink, is the unofficial go-to drink in any culture. But, did you know that this popular drink is not as modern as it may seem? In fact, judging from recent reports, it seems that beer has ancient history, way older than we originally believed.

According to reports, in a prehistoric cave near Haifa in Israel, there lies a brewery believed to be the world's oldest. Also included in this discovery is a residue of 13,000-year-old beer, while from studies of burial sites for semi-nomadic hunter-gatherers.

Bedrock mortars at Raqefet cave in the Carmel Mountains, northern Israel.


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China Opens World’s Longest Sea Bridge Linking Hong Kong to Mainland

Travel time used to be 4 hours – now its down to 30 minutes!

Mark Andrew



China has recently opened a mega bridge that connects Hong Kong to mainland. The massive infrastructure considered as the longest sea-crossing bridge in the world spans 34 miles in length. It was a project that costed $20 billion and took about 10 years to complete, following major delays.

The ceremony was presided over by President Xi Jinping himself. Reports tell us that the bridge’s opening will significantly reduce travel time from several hours to just 30 minutes. The country hopes that the new infrastructure will "will bind the region together as a major driver of future economic growth," wrote ABC News.

The Hong Kong-Zhuhai Bridge connecting mainland to Hong Kong has finally opened to the public.

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