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China Just Created A Real Iron Man Robot For Space Travel

Here’s a robot that can “cope with the harsh space environment.”


China recently unveiled its new space exploration robot – and it looks strikingly similar.

Bearing Iron Man’s signature red and gold colors as well as a glowing arc reactor-like emblem, there is no doubt this Chinese invention definitely took its inspiration from Marvel’s popular armored Avenger.

The robot named ‘Xiaotian’ (which literally translates to ‘Little Sky’) was officially introduced at a technology conference in Shanghai. It was created by the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation for out-of-this-world missions.

Xiaotian, or Little Sky, is China’s very own space exploration robot.

china-iron-man-space 1
According to the reports, the robot can perform “complex manipulation tasks” for moon landings and space station missions. Other sources have likewise noted the flexibility of the robot’s hands are very similar to that of human hands. It can pick up a pen replace electrical connectors, and do other tasks.

It is also said that Xiaotian has the capability to “cope with the harsh space environment” which makes it a lot different compared with other industrial robots.

Sources say the robot can “cope with the harsh space environment” making it very effective for outer space missions.

china-iron-man-space 2
So far, that’s all the details we have about the Xiaotian but we’re hoping to see more soon. Hope they can upload a video of it in action or something so we can see what it’s really capable of.

In the mean time, let’s enjoy the fact that space explorations just got way cooler with this Chinese Iron Man.


H/T: CinemaBlend


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