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3,800-Ft-High Glass Walkway in China ‘Cracks’ When Tourists Walk On It





You may have heard of China’s hanging glass skywalk in the East Taihang Mountains, Handan City, in north China’s Hebei Province. The glass bridge is suspended 1,180 meters above sea level, and it stretches 266 meters in length. Walking on the famous attraction and structure is already scary in itself, so the thought of it cracking beneath your feet is surely beyond terrifying.

In perhaps the cruelest of marketing ideas, the management of the glass skywalk thought it would be fun to add a shattering glass special effect, complete with cracking sounds, to the already horrifying experience.

A video of a tour guide freaking out after seeing the special effects recently went viral.

The man was walking along the bridge when suddenly, the glass beneath him started ‘cracking.’ The man got on his knees and started screaming, looking terrified for his life.

After the video went viral, the East Taihang district administration sent out an official apology on its WeChat channel.

They clarified that the shattering glass was only an “effect” that was added to a portion of the bridge in order to be “provocative.” They explained that the walkway designers placed shattered fragments of glass in one of the layers of the bridge, stretching across several panels. When visitors walk over those panels, the glass then appears to break under their feet and the cracking sound is activated.

See the heart-stopping video here:

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The management said they were very sorry that people got frightened, but they have no intention of removing the special effect. According to them, their workers check the bridge daily to ensure the safety of all visitors. They also claimed that the tour guide in the video knew the whole thing wasn’t real. Some Weibo users speculate that what happened could be a big publicity stunt.

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