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Nurse Claims 90,000 People Are Already Infected By Coronavirus In China




  • An unidentified female nurse in Wuhan, Hubei has uploaded a video online, claiming that there are now around 90,000 people have been infected by coronavirus in China.
  • Official government reports say there are 1,975 cases so far.
  • The nurse reminded people to avoid going outdoors and also issued a plea for donations, saying medical professionals in the frontline of battling the illness are running out of resources.

An unnamed nurse in Wuhan has recently uploaded a video online, claiming that the Chinese government has been downplaying the coronavirus issue all along. According to health officials, there are currently 1,975 confirmed cases of the disease in the country.

This, however, is not exactly the case, said the nurse, pointing out that the problem is much worse than what we’ve been told so far. “I’m currently in Hubei where the Wuhan Coronavirus started,” the nurse said at the start of the video. “I’m here to tell you the whole truth.”

The anonymous whistleblower disclosed that about 90,000 people in China have already been infected by the illness.

“Currently, there are 90,000 people infected in all of China.,” she claimed. Wearing a full face mask and a protective suit, the nurse also warned people against going outdoors, especially those planning to go out and dine to celebrate the Lunar New Year.

“If you stay safe and healthy, you can celebrate it again with your loved ones for next year and the following year,” she emphasized in the 4-minute video.

Medical professionals are allegedly facing a shortage of resources as they try to contain the deadly outbreak.

The woman also issued a plea to the viewers, asking people to share the video and to send donations because they are running out of resources. “Please donate disposable goggles, masks, and clothes,” she specified.

You can watch the full video here:

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According to official reports, there are, so far, 2,010 confirmed cases of the disease across the world.

A widespread lockdown and ban on wildlife trade has since been implemented in China to contain the situation.

Meanwhile, President Xi Jinping has told senior officials that country is indeed facing a “grave situation.”

Health authorities have also revealed that Wuhan needs 100,000 protective suits but only have 13,000. Presently, stocks are being shipped to the area and purchases from other countries have also been made.

On top of that, construction workers are hard at work building a new hospital in Wuhan to accommodate more coronavirus patients.

Coronavirus ability to spread is “getting stronger,” China admitted.

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