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China Will Be Banning All Petrol and Diesel Cars Soon

China has officially announced that they will be stopping production and sales of petrol and diesel cars “in the near future.”


For a country known as the biggest car market in the world, this is a pretty big move. As you’ve read in the headline, yes, China has announced plans to ban production of all petrol and diesel cars “in the near future,” according to Xin Guobin, vice-minister of industry and information technology.

In an auto industry forum held in Tianjin, China, Xin has shared that the ministry has started “relevant research” and are currently working on a timetable to implement the policy soon.

Xin Goubin has confirmed that research has began on banning petrol and diesel cars production and sales in China.

Source: adaba889

In a statement aired by the CCTV state television, Xin said:

“These measures will promote profound changes in the environment and give momentum to China’s auto industry development.

“Enterprises should strive to improve the level of energy saving for traditional cars, and vigorously develop new energy vehicles according to assessment requirements.”

China is the biggest car market in the world but that will probably change in time.

Source: reuters

With this move, China is set to follow the footsteps of Britain and France that have likewise banned production and sale of petrol and diesel automobiles.

As an alternative, China will be promoting the use of electric technology.

Source: PA

Although no specific date has yet been mentioned, many are anticipating that the massive change will hurt car manufacturers across the world. This will likely pressure them to accelerate development of electric energy vehicles, reported Unilad.

Meanwhile, the International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers that said China produced and sold more than 28 million vehicles last year.

The Guardian likewise pointed out:

“The sale of new energy vehicles topped 500,000 in the world’s second-largest economy in 2016, over 50% more than the previous year, according to national industry figures.”

Well we can only guess that more and more electric cars will be seen in the streets of China sooner than later.


Miami’s Financial District Looks Like An Ocean As The Storm Surge Flooded The Streets

These images and videos of Miami’s financial district during the hurricane’s wrath are terrifying!

Hurricane Irma's wrath was felt by the residents in the Carribean and Florida. In fact, Miami's once busy streets changed into a ghost town with flood waters everywhere, making the central business district look like an ocean.

Miami's Brickell district, which is dubbed as the "Wall Street of the South", was once filled with people from all walks of life - students, bankers, entrepreneurs, and employees.

Miami's financial district looks like an ocean amid Hurricane Irma's wrath.

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Florida Police Have Warned Residents Not To Fire Guns At Hurricane Irma

Where did this idea even come from?

Amid Hurricane Irma's wrath bringing robust winds and floodwaters to Florida, the authorities have more problems to deal with such as saving stranded residents and facilitating the evacuation of those who live in flood-prone areas. However, a new Facebook event has encouraged residents to fire their guns towards the hurricane, which police officers say is very dangerous.

Florida police are advising the residents to never fire their guns to the hurricane because the bullets might fire back, potentially harming the one who fired the guns or others.

The Facebook event, titled "Shoot at Hurricane Irma", is urging the people to shoot their weapons at the strong weather system.

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Hurricane Irma Is So Strong, It Sucks Up Miles Of Ocean Waters Leaving Shorelines Dry

What goes out must come back in. This is scary!

Hurricane Irma, the largest and strongest hurricane to ever form in the Atlantic, has ravaged through the Carribean over the past few days. It has reached Florida and battered the state with its robust winds and flooding waters.

However, many people were left baffled when miles of ocean waters disappeared in the shorelines. This phenomenon happened in various locations where the hurricane is expected to batter.

Hurricane Irma sucked out miles of ocean waters in the Bahamas.

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