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China Funeral Home Uses 3D Printing for Damaged Body Parts of Corpses

Apparently, this is a thing now…


In China, it is considered common practice to mend corpses with damaged body parts using wax. Lately, however, a new technology has been introduced in the country.

The Longhua funeral home in Shanghai, China is now using a 3D printer to recreate the damaged body parts of corpses to prepare them for burial. This is being offered to families of deceased individuals who may have died with noticeable facial damage, such as in a vehicular accident or other incidents. With this approach, the deceased person can again look normal or even younger than they did when they were alive.

With the use of 3D printing tech, a damaged nose, for example, can be recreated for a corpse.


Source: Getty

A new nose, for example, can be created out of the 3D printer. The technology produces several layers of material which can then be fitted into any size or shape required by the client.

The 3D printed body part will be based on the 2D photo of the deceased individual.


Source: Rex

Moreover, the 3D print will be based on a 2D photo of the deceased person and so it will look really accurate. In fact, the funeral home explains it can be as close as 95% to the original likeness.

This allows family members to see the bodies of their deceased loved ones without any damaged or missing parts.


Source: Rex

Liu Fengming, director of Shanghai’s funeral services center, said:

“It is difficult for relatives to see incomplete faces or bodies of their loved ones when they attend memorial services, and makeup cannot always sufficiently repair them.”

Apparently, the cost of facial recreation via 3D printing technology will cost somewhere around $617 to $770.


These Guys Are Definitely The Worst Firefighters Of All Time!

So stupid, they’re actually quite funny LOL!

Extinguishing a fire is no easy feat, especially if it’s a huge one.

That’s why in most cases, the most appropriate action is to simply secure your loved ones, grab what you can, and, of course, run for your life. Also, getting in touch with professional firefighters should be done right away. You want to let them handle the job. There are, however, brave individuals who do their part in trying to put out fire as well.

When we say these two security guards attempted to combat a raging apartment fire, we mean nothing heroic about the act.

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This Street Artist Will Carve Your Face in a Lollipop By Chewing. Unbelievable!

Can you believe what he just did?

This old man in the streets of Singapore became famous because of his awesome talent that everyone finds too good to be true.

The man only known as “Uncle” has the ability to chew lollipops and turn them into face sculptures that have
almost detailed facial features. He’s been dubbed as the “Lollipop Street Artist” and you just can’t believe what he does.

In the video, he impressed a tourist named Rich, visiting Singapore’s Chinatown. As Rich sits in front of him, he is anxious to see what Uncle can do with his lollipop chewing. Rich reveals that it’s been ten minutes that Uncle has been gnawing on the sweets, but once he was finished, the tourist couldn’t just believe his eyes.

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25 Funny Photos of People Who Took Instructions Too Literally

I literally couldn’t stop laughing LOL!

Signs and instructions serve a purpose and that is, of course, to guide people in performing an expected outcome.

That’s part of the reason why I literally couldn’t stop laughing as I went through the photos below. I saw this compilation on BoredPanda and I just knew I had to share the laughs with everyone.

These images show us examples of people who took instructions too literally. Extremely genius or plain stupid? We’ll leave it to you to decide.

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