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After Playing Outside, Child’s Dirty Handprint Reveals World of Microbes and Bacteria

Handprint of an 8-year-old child after playing outside show a variety of bacteria.

Our bodies are host to countless microbial organisms that are simply not visible to the naked eye. Some may be grossed out to know about them but the truth is that we benefit and depend on these microbes for important reasons. Good bacteria protects us from the harmful ones living in and on the visible parts of our bodies. It also helps combat  human diseases.

Lab technician Tasha Sturm of Cabrillo College in California  recently captured a variety of microorganisms present on her 8-year-old son’s hand after a few minutes of playing outside.

Sturm had her son place his hand in a bowl with tryptic soy agar which forms a nutritious jelly that microbial bacteria like to eat. She then made sure that her son’s palm was gently pressed to make contact with the agar. Afterwards, she incubated the specimen and set it aside. After a few days, this is how it looked like.

Bacteria like Bacillus sp, yeast/fungi and other colorful colonies (red/pink/yellow) start to grow slowly and show up in the plate after being refrigerated or left at room temperature for days.


Photo credit: Tasha Sturm/Ziya Tong

Here is a closeup of the organism seen on handprint #2 which is presumed to be Bacillus sp, commonly found in dirt.


Photo credit: Tasha Sturm/Ziya Tong

Meanwhile, an unknown organism  was seen on a TSA plate for handprint #3. It was seen on the outside of the imprint, and could not be identified whether it came from the hand or was contaminant.


Photo credit: Tasha Sturm/Ziya Tong

No need to worry though because almost everything growing in this specimen is not harmful and in most cases, beneficial to one’s immunity.’We would be dead without them.’  Always remember, ‘we need them as much as they need us.’

H/T: Business Insider


Rude Tourist Gives Monkey The Middle Finger And Gets Instant Karma!

Looks like this monkey studied sign language.

Monkeys are intelligent animals. They are pretty much like humans -- they get excited, happy and sometimes, agitated. We are not sure what extremely provokes monkeys to act the way they do when they become violent but we are guessing, one of the reasons is showing a middle finger in front of them.

In this video we found, a man was seen passing by a street with his companion. They saw a Shimla monkey and stopped in front of it. When the monkey noticed that he got the attention of the man, it suddenly jumped atop its cage and flashed a wide grin.

But then the man, instead of being nice to the primate, rudely pointed a middle finger in front of it. Obviously, the monkey did not like it and did this...

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This is The World’s Deadliest Bullet and This is How It Works

Quite possibly the world’s deadliest bullet today.

Considered by many as the world’s deadliest bullet, the G2 Research-produced Radically Invasive Projectile is being marketed by the manufacturer as “the last round you will ever need.” And it’s really pretty lethal!

A video demonstration of the bullet in action (shown in slow motion) gives you an idea about how destructive the weapon is. The ammo is shot against different targets (such as a watermelon, a block of ice, and a hollow block) and you’ll be blown away by the amount of damage that this little baddie can do.

According to the Georgia-based company, the bullet opens “nine separate wound channels” that will surely “take out all your vital organs” making them immediately explode at first contact.

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Teens Attempt to Use Encyclopedia For Research. Their Reactions? Hilarious!

A group of teens were presented with a set of encyclopedias. Watch their hilarious reactions as they were asked to do some research.


Encyclopedias are printed books with detailed credible information that everyone used as a reference back when there was no internet. These books were the main source of information since the Ancient Greece and Rome. As such, academic institutions were required to have these set of books in their libraries as sources of information. However, in 2012, Encyclopedia Britannica (the most popular Encyclopedia) announced that the 2010 edition would be the last printed encyclopedia as they will focus on their online version.

In January 2001, an online encyclopedia called Wikipedia was created by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger. Wikipedia has then become one of the most visited websites and one of the main sources of information. Since it is a free-access, free-content Internet encyclopedia, it has become the go-to source of fast information for everyone who has internet access. This has prompted encyclopedia publishers to stop printing.

Come 2015, a few years after the last encyclopedia was published, a group of teens was tasked to research information using these books.

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